Shadowrun Returns (Update v1.2.6) Mod Item Unlocked


Set in the context of a mysterious future world that combines both technology and magic, the player will play as a Shadowrunner veteran (a kind of bounty hunter). You will experience a strange world with a combination of strange machines and creatures which are only in legend like a dwarf, fairy, … All of that combined to create a gloomy atmosphere and urge players to find the secret of the mysterious murders happening in the city.

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The special feature in Shadowrun is that it does not bind characters into the framework, as long as you are qualified to learn, so this character can learn the other character’s skills and vice versa. This contributes to a varied and customizable gameplay in the way you play and your liking.

A battle of Shadowrun Returns is done in turn on a mini map quite similar to the way to play chess. Each turn, a character will be made some action based on the amount of Action Point (AP) they own. Normally, the default Action Point for characters is 2 but it can fluctuate depending on the specific abilities, magic or items that were used. These APs are consumed for actions such as moving, firing, loading ammunition or reading mantras.

The game also encourages players to explore and interact with the surrounding environment to discover interesting secrets in the game. For example, using the special abilities of the character, the players will explore new things around the map such as hidden rooms, hidden passages or unique items. As Decker is able to infiltrate The Virtual World and find secret gates that let the character jump from place to place at a glance, for example.

Shadowrun Returns main features

  • Interesting plot
  • Competent fighting system
  • Nice two-dimensional graphics
  • Unique atmosphere

What’s new

* Ability to save during the player’s turn; new save buttons in the PDA or when exiting to the main menu
* Combat overhaul including wound auto-heal
* UI overhaul including smarter tile select in Freemove
* Performance, crashing, and memory leak improvements
* Issues related to Drones and healing
* Prevent loss of character/black screen in Universal Brotherhood
* Fixed IC spawning in Telestrian Industries
* Resolved health exploits
* Fixed IC spawning with incorrect HP values

Mod features

  • Item Unlocked
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