ShoCandy (Update v1.0.2) Paid


ShoCandy is a new color filter for Android, with over 30 different color filters with attractive colors that you can not miss. The application is developed by Shoeeb and is sold on Google Play for $0.99, it can be said that this price is much cheaper than the PICTAIL or Analog application… Let’s find out some features of ShoCandy main color filter application.

Download ShoCandy APK Mod v1.0.2 Paid latest for Android

Unlike other beauty photography applications like the B612 or Camera 360. ShoCandy for Android has better filters than these two, much more true and beautiful. Currently, the app is down from $1.99 to $0.99, please download and enjoy it quickly.

Filter groups available in the app include: romantic, pick, modern, classic, rainbow and filters for summer, fall. For the PICTAIL or Analog series on iOS devices, you will have to spend $1 on 10 color filters. However, with the ShoCandy app, you’ll have to 34 different filters and are continuously updated by the developer to the latest version. It does not stop there, it is not inferior to anyone when it owns the features photography with real-time filters with some advanced filters such as facial beauty, eyes, white skin and a few other effects make your face more prominent.
ShoCandy’s photo editing features for Android with key features like white balance, contrast correction, color temperature, background eraser… and much more. When you edit your photos, you can save them to your computer’s memory or share them with your friends via social networks like Facebook, Google+, or send it via Snapchat, Messenger.

Come on, let’s just forget about an extremely important feature of ShoCandy that is video recording with real-time filters. Imagine the classic film color, how do you get great footage? Whether you’re male or female, all the filters and editing features in the app will also meet your needs.

The ShoCandy photography and photo filters app is currently available for $0.99 on the Google Play, but you can download it for free below with the APK file we provide (some people purchased from Google Play and they extracted the .APK file and shared it with us, we checked and found it safe). Wish you have great photos and videos right on your phone.

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