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  • March 7, 2018
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According to the official information that ModDroid received, the Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear – the descendant worthy of Baldur’s Gate will be launched for mobile platforms on March 10 here. It is known that this is an attractive role-playing game that those who are fans of this genre indeed cannot be ignored. Baldur’s Gate is a very familiar name. Perhaps anyone who loves the traditional RPG genre would have known or heard, especially the 90s gamers. With just three mainstream games and three extras, the BioWare publisher opened up. In front of the eyes of the players a world of epic poetry with adventurous monumental and majestic. Baldur’s Gate, in the eyes of the 90’s is an unforgettable monument. Now the game will be put back on the mobile phone but whether it still retain what is best and essence of his.

Legend will come back

Unfortunately for those who are loyal fans of the Siege of Dragonspear in general and BioWare in particular. BioWare will not accept responsibility for producing and distributing this game. Instead, they delegate all responsibility to Beamdog. However, we can be sure that Beamdog is also a prominent developer in mobile gaming and console. With Baldur’s Gate’s third remake of Baldur’s Gate: Shadow of Ann and Icewind Dale, Beamdog has proved to the fans that they can develop this game for the mobile platform. For those who do not know. Beamdog has officially launched a set of their own Baldur’s Gate series, which they produced and released. It’s named Siege of Dragonspear. Naturally, at the time of publication, it was estranged from being published by an unnamed producer. Gradually, Beamdog proved that they were capable. As evidence of the Siege of Dragonspear becoming a fan phenomenon, it has become one of the best expansion of Baldur’s Gate.


The plot of the game is still based on the original version was released for PC. Specifically, it takes place between the events in Baldur’s Gate I and II. The story revolves around Shinning Lady, a wicked woman from the north who wants to invade everything to become a woman. The main character will be summoned to help Baldur’s Gate fight the enemy. Also, the player who plays the protagonist is naturally a player. It is worth mentioning here, that the main character has a close relationship with the other. Stand up against her, find peace for the land.

According to the publisher’s announcement, most games will remain the same as the original, with only a few changes in some tasks as well as minor details. But do not know what is on the mobile, the game’s control system. As well as on PC, players also need to use a lot of buttons to control. Soon a small touchscreen, how can we struggle with a magical world. This must wait when the game releases can know exactly. Currently, we can only expect.


The graphics of role-playing games are usually not very good. But it still does what it does well. Utterly meticulous by the technical team, Siege of Dragonspear has a beautiful 3D graphics. The world in this game will be more mysterious many times. The characters are also refreshing to be more visible. However, the style is the same as the original.

Sum up

To date, we do not know yet whether the game is free or paid. We will bring you the latest updates as soon as the game is released. Please wait.

Thanks: Kotaku

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