Sky Surfing (MOD, unlocked)


Sky Surfing is known as one of the most dangerous sports that humans have created during the history. In this sport, the player will parachute from the airplane, at a certain height and perform surfing in the sky. The scoring mechanism for this sport is 50% art, and 50% technical. Therefore, participants in this discipline, not only must have good techniques, but also must create impressive acrobatics. Sky Surfing is only known to be a sport, but it’s also the name of the game that I’m going to introduce to you in this article. If you are feeling curious, continue to learn about how to play, and the features of Sky Surfing!

Challenging flying game!

Sky Surfing is a sports game where you will become a pilot, direct your airship and surf the sky. Initially, you are provided a mini plane to be able to start the challenge of this game. When the game begins, the plane will automatically move straight, just swipe up or down to dodge the boulders that appear on the way. At the same time, you must also slip on the road with white lines to score and pass this game. If you ignore too many of it, you will not be able to complete the challenge, and you have to start over again.

Although the gameplay is quite smooth, there is a simple control mechanism that anyone can play. But to win high scores in this game, you need to practice quite a lot. The speed of the screen will gradually increase, and appear more obstacles as you approach the destination. So, if you do not keep up the momentum, then you have to play it repeatedly until done. However, do not worry, because the first game is quite easy for you to pass. Work harder to get better skills.

Collect every fancy plane you like

In addition, during the game, you can collect gold coins to buy new aircraft. In addition to the classic plane, you can buy yourself a fish, a panda, a turtle, a penguin or a cat. How to control a flying animal? Collect more money to unlock more interesting characters in more than 100 characters designed in the store.


Do you want to put off all work, all the troubles aside and drop yourself flying in the open air out there? Download Sky Surfing to your mobile device, then start the game as you can start enjoying it. The game can also link to Facebook social networking. You can connect to your account, then invite and challenge your friends. Do not miss an exciting game like Sky Surfing!

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