Sonic Forces (MOD, Speed/God Mode)


Sonic Forces is a “non-stop running” game released by SEGA. The game is inspired by Subway Surfers, but the characters will now be Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, and more.

Referring to the leading video game companies in Japan, most of us probably only remember two names: Nintendo and SEGA. If at Nintendo, we always have beautiful memories with the legendary NES or SNES operating system along with living games like Contra, Donkey Kong or The Legend of Zelda – with the soul of the whole company. Who else is plumber the Italian Mario with the most popular and best-selling game of all time: Super Mario Bros is on the other side of the battle line, the counterbalance of Nintendo – SEGA has also built itself a mighty empire to be able to compete with its neighbors in every aspect – and of course the soul of the whole SEGA company is none other than Sonic The Hedgehog – perhaps none of which character has been as famous and popular as Sonic – when the blue hedgehog was available for you? I own a series of works based on comics, animation, and soon this will be a movie – and of course a game version. And one of the most outstanding titles of Sonic the Hedgehog for phones is Sonic Forces.

RUN and COMPETE with real players

Because Sonic The Hedgehog is the chicken that laid the golden eggs for SEGA, the blue hedgehog and these friends are always treated like kings. That is why “Sonic Forces” gives me a very nice 3D graphic style. The shaping of Sonic and his friends are very eye-catching and attentive to every detail from color, gloss as well as each contour on the faces. Besides, the funny sound effects make it feel more real to your gaming experience. In addition, “Sonic Forces” also allows you to experience the different types of maps in the game with incredibly realistic and attractive bends, of course, you can not ignore the rolling magic effect. You made Sonic’s brand. Especially when you are maintaining a breakneck speed and trying to manage to avoid obstacles, it will undoubtedly be complicated and require you to have a good reflex so that you do not swipe in the wrong direction and must … died prematurely. The game possesses an incredibly diverse number of characters, so you can choose your favorite style and participate in adventures or exciting races. The experiences that Sonic Forces brings undoubtedly will not disappoint you.

Upgrade your characters

Sonic Forces has been rated by fans as the best game ever, and this is not a game where the protagonist has to run endlessly like Temple, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the game. Besides the familiar plot, you have to help our protagonists collect gold rings as well as fight off the villain Dr. Robotnik, “Sonic Forces” also introduces multiplayer mode – allowing you to participate in extremely races dramatic and exciting with other players around the globe. Where you will have to find ways to collect the effects available on the track, to get prizes and unlock and upgrade the characters in the game as well as get the highest possible rank.

The game was released on both platforms, Android and iOS, so it’s easy for you guys to have the best experience. With 40 MB, you immediately get yourself version is considered the best of Sonic as of the present time. With Multiplayer mode via the internet, you absolutely can wake up your friends in your spare time. When you and your friends are far away from each other, is there such a better racing game? Overall, “Sonic Forces” is a game worth playing for anyone who has loved the blue hedgehog with his friends who love the game of speed and enjoy the undulations of the road like the rollercoaster rails charismatic, “Sonic Forces” definitely will not make you disappointed. With all the elements that are taken care of as close as possible, from 1-color items, shapes, storylines to extremely new, unique, and eye-catching play versions.

Find out who is the MASTER of speed!

The varied race track with levels of play for many ages from small to large will make you have a headache and keep a calm mind if you want to win or at least have a high rank. “Sonic Forces” is for players over the age of 13, so don’t be too freaked out whether the content and plot of the game are appropriate or not. And as introduced, Sonic is the symbol of SEGA – Nintendo’s most prominent counterpart in Japan so it would not be foolish for SEGA to launch a sketchy game to be hated by fans.

MOD Info?
  • God Mode (You can run and ignore obstacles | Power hits from powers)
  • Speed Hack (You will be very fast compared to others)
  • Ban checks removed (can’t confirm 100%)
  • Speed hack will be active for all in the tutorial but after you get matched up against other players, only you will have speed hack
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