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SEGA and Gameloft are the big guys in the mobile gaming industry. Each manufacturer has a lot of good and interesting games. If Gameloft is strong in graphics with games like Asphalt 8, SEGA will do better with the content of the game is an extremely fun game that is the blue hedgehog named Sonic created Branded for SEGA. In the following year, we will experience a combination of these two publishers with an entertainment game called Sonic Runners Adventure. Gameloft is currently in the game and allows players to pre-register for attractive offers.

Download Sonic Runners Adventure APK (Update v1.0) Mod for Android/iOS

In Sonic Runners Adventure, players will have the chance to meet the hedgehog, Sonic’s closest friend. Along with that, players can also use bonus points to unlock new characters including Tails, Knuckles and more. However, familiar characters from previous releases such as Hello Kitty, Chococat, Badtz Maru and My Melody will also appear in our new game. If you have ever played Sonic Dash, it will be easy to get used to the Sonic Runners Adventure, because the gameplay is quite similar, but the plot and character systems have changed dramatically.

Sonic Runners Adventure’s gameplay is similar to Sonic Dash, which means that the player must control the Sonic and other characters to the finish line and dodge the obstacles that appear on the way. Do not forget to eat gold coins so you can use that money to unlock cool accessories and new characters. The character control in the game is simple, the Sonic hedgehog has a single task that is running nonstop, and you will have to shake your phone to control Sonic obstacles and obstacles. Enemies appear on the way.

Every day, the Sonic will run as fast and you will be very difficult to dodge the obstacles because they appear random. Try to eat the accelerator boxes or gold magnet to protect your life longer. Sonic Runners Adventure will not level players, so getting the highest score is the task that the player will have to do. Highlights will be updated weekly in the Menu section, players must enable a network connection to be able to sync their points to the game server. Remember that our Sonic hedgehog has a magical power, which players can use to power the bad guys on the way. In addition, this power can also be used to make Sonic jump higher, dodging the dangers lurking below.

The most dangerous enemy of Sonic is still Zazz, he is a vicious evil who always wants to defeat and destroy Sonic. He will appear everywhere and you will have to kick him or dodge him if he wants to attack. There are still five other dangerous opponents waiting to be discovered. Another great feature that Sonic Runners Adventure brings to the player is the ability to play online with friends or relatives. Invite your friends to join a race to advanced, see who will be the first destination.

As a result of the collaboration produced by Gameloft, Sonic Runners Adventure has an excellent 3D graphics that outperforms previous versions of SEGA. The image in the game is beautiful and very smooth, the runway is designed 3D fun to play. With all the characters redesigned, we’ll see a sleeker and more mature Sonic than previous versions.

Games are currently open for pre-registered users of Android and iOS devices. Although Gameloft has not set the official launch date yet, we can predict that the Sonic Runners Adventure will launch sometime in early 2018. Visit the game’s homepage to sign up for this early game experience. Get rewarded and attractive.

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