Soul Knight (MOD, Money/Energy/Premium)


Soul Knight – Have you ever wondered, the soul of man, when they passed away will go to where? Surely that is what everyone is asking, but so far no one can explain it. Some say good souls will go to heaven; others will be pushed into a dark world. Game developers have harnessed the mystery of this topic and have written a compelling storyline for their game. Do you want to discover ChillyRoom’s products? Join me in the story first!


Soul Knight tells the dark plot of a wicked wizard from aliens. He steals the soul stone so that he can control all the souls in the dark world. He wanted to turn all human beings into slaves for him. So, he built a soul army and started the journey to invade the Earth. Against that dark conspiracy, the heroes representing humanity stood up to stop the danger of the end. Can our heroes stop the other wizard’s plot?

Join the dungeon world

Soul Knight is an action role-playing game where you will be portrayed as a brilliant knight, in charge of protecting the world, and against the forces of darkness. You will be introduced into the dark world where there are labyrinths filled with traps and dark forces. Move around to find weapons and fight them. The game is divided into different levels, providing you with an arduous journey. You have to turn over the dangerous cave in turn and face the dangers. The game also gives you a range of support items such as Guns, Swords, HP, MP, Armor, … so you can afford to fight monsters.

Each level, the number of monsters is quite large, so you need to skillfully control the character, just attack them, while dodging the bullets that they shot. If you hit too many bullets, your character will die, and you have to restart your game. The Soul Knight’s control mechanism is quite simple; it only includes an analog stick to help you move, a key to attack the enemy, and a key to use special skills when in trouble. In addition, the Soul Knight uses a 2.5D graphics background, so it’s easy to see.

Main feature

  • The game has over 170 different weapons, from pistols, sniper rifles or even grenades. In particular, the game also has a ninja style when there are both a magic sword and many other special weapons.
  • You will be given lots of heroic options with unique skills. Also, the game is quite similar to the classic RPG game when there are NPC. This is an important factor contributing to the player’s victory
  • Pixel graphics are not backward, it is the key to the success of this game.
  • Team-up with your friends, fight the giant monsters

Sum up

Although the Soul Knight does not use the sharp 3D graphics like the MOBA games, it offers the player a fun and entertaining gameplay experience. In addition, pixel graphics are also very popular, because they are very lightweight, compatible with many low-end mobile devices. So download this game, and have fun whenever you are free

MOD Info? V2.3.5

A large number of diamonds;
Paid places for planting purchased;
Disabled ads;
Paid characters, pets, skills and skins are unlocked.

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6 thoughts on “Soul Knight (MOD, Money/Energy/Premium)

  1. Tại sao k có bản v2 mà chỉ có v0

  2. Sao ko thấy unlock nhân vật nhỉ

  3. Bạn có thể làm 1 bản mod giống như V2 nhưng bỏ đi no CD và max energy không?

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