South Park: Phone Destroyer APK (Update v1.0.0) Mod


South Park: Phone Destroyer – finally announced worldwide on 9/11. It is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. However, for those who have not pre-registered yet, you can visit the Google Play Store page and click the button below to pre-register. Because the pre-registration also allows players to receive the latest, the earliest version of the game right before launch.

Download South Park: Phone Destroyer APK Mod latest for Android

The new product was developed by Ubisoft, which has a similar style to Clash Royale or Hearthstone, or Onmyoji, based on the card fighting and will satisfy fans with the content of this game is quite humorous. The player plays a “kid-role” in the town of South Park then complete with custom character players. In this game, the Cards represent the main characters and are used to fight other players. Game mode compared to many other games is not too new, because the main play style of this game is the turn-based strategy game, and players need to create a complete team to fight. In addition, the game also a global ranking system for players want to know how much their power compared to many other people.

The game will have 60 different levels and each level will have diversity campaigns of different types based on itself story content. If you’ve played a lot of tactic games then when you go to South Park: Phone Destroyer, you will find it quite similar but not because of that, the game will be lacking attractive. The game also has a lot of exploration modes for participants. And with the launch of both iOS and Android operating systems on November 9th.

You will be starting a whole new adventure with the characters Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. Play as cowboys, pirates, witches, cyborgs, and even omnipotent gods with the guys and all residents of South Park. Combined with real-time strategy tactics and new missions every day to collect cards from intense battles, you know that South Park: Phone Destroyer You can fight in big cities and at present, according to the publisher, there will be a lot of maps (maps) for players to participate. And one thing you have not heard in this game is that you will be collecting, upgrading and mastering your battle squads so that you can bring into play the true power of each hero in battle. on the battlefield of the game.

With over 80 unique battle cards, South Park: Phone Destroyer includes a fun single player mode with 60 different new levels. When completed, you will earn points to upgrade and also collect new cards, accumulate or plunder the gold of others, and open up new playable fields. It’s not enough, as the game will start to challenge people from all over the world in real-time battles and participate in PVP matches with players all over the world.

South Park: Phone Destroyer for Android will be a free game to play and the game will be supported and expanded with upcoming updates by ongoing live action. And for Android, people can still use South Park: Phone Destroyer APK to install without error and simpler when installing on Google Play.

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