Space Marshals 2 (MOD, Premium/Unlocked)


Space Marshals 2 is a sequel to the “Space Marshals” game – a very popular game before. Thanks to the success of the first part, after a year with no signs, the second part of the game was born. Part two of this game still holds the most quintessential of this game series; these games also have a lot of new things. From the story to the gameplay, all have certain advancements for players to experience. If you want to experience a top-notch shooter game, this series is created for players.


During my adventure in outer space, suddenly, the battleship Artemis of Space Marshal was attacked by hijackers. The number of hijackers was so great that Artemis could not bear it. After succumbing to the attack of hijackers, all members of the ship were captured and taken to the planet Aurum Petram 55. This planet is a pristine planet, all civilization. The planet has either moved or been destroyed before, so there’s no one here. Therefore, this planet has become a great base for the hijackers. But Agent Burton escaped and promptly freed members of the army’s important role. They once again plan to raid the planet Aurum Petram 55 and rescue all the remaining people and destroy the hijackers. Will their successor succeed or fail and destroy?


Players will control their character from the third view from the top; this helps players to observe everything more easily. The map seems to be similar to a maze; players need to move and search for enemies to destroy. At each stage, there will be a different number of enemies, but make sure they will be much more crowded than the player. So in this game, the player can not just run out and shoot each other with enemies that need to sneak to do it. The sneaky factor is very important in this game; it will play a crucial role in the success of the player.

In the game, there are many objects arranged, and players need to control their characters to come here to hide. Players need to know to seize the opportunity because there will be times when the enemy ignores vigilance and reveals loopholes. Players need to approach the enemy and destroy them neatly without spending any bullets at all. But to do this, players need to have the patience to succeed.

There will be times when the player cannot hide anymore because the enemy has detected them. At times like these, players need to use their guns to finish off the enemy before it’s too late. When players lose a lot to destroy enemies, they will call for more comrades, and players will be in danger. But when the enemy is detected, the player also means that the gun battle begins. At this point, instead of stealth will be replaced by the excitement of gun battle for players to experience. Please use the gun to destroy the enemy before it attacks the player.

MOD Info?

  • Purchased premium version and paid DLC;
  • After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the following features:
  1. Open all items
  2. Open all missions
  3. Endless ammo.
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