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Stack Jump is a new game from Voodoo. As we already know this is a mobile game French publisher with a number of popular games such as Fire Rides, Dune !, Dunk Hit and Rolly Vortex. The commonality of these games is the simple gameplay but very attractive. With a straightforward gameplay like the senior, with much improved 3D graphics, the game was not difficult to reach over 100,000 downloads in just three days.

Download Stack Jump (by Voodoo) APK latest for Android/iOS

For a long time, simple entertainment games have always been a top choice for many people. After hours of hard work or study, hardly anyone is interested in engaging in role-playing, strategy or action games. Understanding this, Voodoo has continuously launched entertainment products and is always welcomed enthusiastically. We will start with Stack Jump right now!

First of all, in terms of gameplay, Stack Jump has nothing to same with any entertaining game in a completely new way. Players will have to control their character to dodge the incoming bricks by touching the screen, then the character will jump up and of course, the brick will be at the bottom of the character. Each one of the bricks under your feet will be counted as one, so try to get as high as possible.
The graphics are Stack Jump’s biggest hit. As Dune !, Dunk Hit and Rolly Vortex are just simple designs, Stack Jump APK is a lot of fun in 3D graphics, characters with bright picture effects, that bring the fun to players. More specifically, there will be more than 20 characters and 30 different levels for you to pass.
One more thing that I will be pleased about this game than the previous games, that is fewer advertisings. Perhaps, many were unhappy and rated one star as their recent product, Fire Rides, contained so much advertising that the gameplay was interrupted by annoying ads. And Stack Jump is probably the sweetest apology from Voodoo. I have tried the experience and found that about 5-10 minutes to appear an ad, instead of losing each time appeared ads like the previous games.

Stack Jump for Android Key Features

  • Interesting entertainment game comes from the Voodoo publisher
  • Cute and familiar cartoon characters
  • Simple gameplay but very attractive
  • More than 20 characters and 30 levels vary from easy to hard to experience
  • High scores globally

Overall, Stack Jump is an exciting entertainment game for everyone. Not only a unique game, the game also has a cute and beautiful graphics. To download this game, please click on the link below that we provide. Finally, have fun.

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