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Stellar Arena is a new mobile game that takes the fight between robots topic for release in the coming time. Overall, Stellar Arena is a turn-based fighting game with a quite new look. Joining the Stellar Arena, the player controls the robots fighting in a narrow arena to finally win the battle. As for the gameplay, it will be quite similar to Toy Attack – a game we just introduced recently.

Download Stellar Arena APK+DATA Mod latest for Android/iOS

Accordingly, the game will allow four players to control four different robots fight chaotic in order to find the final winner. With a horizontal screen view like this, the Stellar Arena a little bit resembles a well-known fighting game called the Super Smash Bros Brawl. But its skills predetermined and impossible to change in the matches.

You can also upgrade and change the shape of your robot to become more powerful. There is a regret that the game is currently free mode for all but not team, so almost time you have to solo with all other players. Game graphics are quite nice and give players the realistic feeling when the machines collide to “battle”. This not only comes in the fact that the environments are beautifully designed and eye-catching. Not only that, the tactical and fire effects in the game also make the player feel the “real” in the battlefield Stellar Arena. Besides the design of your companion robots, each of them has different characteristics. But they all have in common is very beautiful, shining with various shapes of different forms, this is also considered to be the greatest spotlight of this game.

In terms of graphics, of course, Stellar Arena owns a high-end 3D graphics. The manufacturer is quite elaborate on the design as well as the smooth when the player experience. You can freely create your character in the game, of course, with the outfits that the publisher offers.

Stellar Arena for Android Main Features

  • The play is unique, attractive
  • Great graphics
  • Personalize your character in your own style, along with participating in PvP battles with all players around the world.
  • Sharp 3D graphics
  • Play online with friends and relatives

Stellar Arena APK Mod is a fun strategy game, with a lot of cool new features, this promises to be a successful game when it is released. You can not currently download this game because it has not been released yet. We will update the download link as it is released by the manufacturer.

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