Stone Skimming (MOD)


Do you like throwing stones, so they glide on the water? It’s a cool time-killer game when you catch a river. The stones must be flattened, the horizontal throws at a certain angle and the hand force must be just enough … there are many factors for your stone to successfully glide on the water and bounce beautiful curves on the far side. It’s about reality, but what if it’s applied in the game? The publisher of VOODOO has launched a highly anticipated ice skating game entitled Stone Skimming. It’s time to test your ability to throw rocks.

Throw stones and make them skip as far as you can!

This game has quite simple gameplay. You will hold a stone and initially, you will have to specify the throwing power. A strength indicator from weak to strong, and the colour on which indicates the perfect level for the throw. A red line will move your socks along the index, and you have to match the appropriate red line to the right red dot for the throw. Too much love or too strong is not good. If the stone is too weak to have the force to fly away if too strong the stone will quickly sink. A sufficient hand is perfect to allow the stone to travel as far away as possible.

After you succeed, the stone will begin to glide. It will not just surf a few; it will go a long way, even a few hundred kilometres on the water. And of course, there are obstructions on the stone’s track. Both sides of the mountains appear. In the middle is sometimes a large area and you only have very narrow roads, sometimes obstacles such as ships, lighthouses, floating objects in the sea, sea landmarks, etc. Alternate and you have to drag your left finger or have to let the stone go out of the way. Or it will hit the obstacle and stop immediately. You will not be allowed to drop the stone instead of the sea, as it will not be able to fly as it hits the stone. At the start of the flight, the stone will fly slowly, but in the middle of the road it will fly extremely fast, and you have to be really a person who has the flexibility and quick reflexes to be able to successfully escape the sudden blockage appears on the surf of the stone. Upon reaching the limit, the stone will begin to glide slowly until it stops completely and sinks into the water. And keeping the top of the screen indicates the farthest distance that the fly was flying before. Whether you successfully break the ice and make your stone go farther than that, you will be the winner.

After going through the hundreds of kilometres and completing the quest, you will receive a large amount of money and can reach a certain level to open a stone of any shape. And if you want to buy any other stone, you can buy it in the shop. You can also buy upgrades to help your stone reach even further, as long as you have the confidence to avoid obstacles on the way.


The game has 2D graphics with adorable graphics, like interesting animations. The game’s bright and easy-to-see colours give you the most fun experience possible. A variety of stones with fun shaping, even the shape of a mobile phone. Sounds when the stone touches the mesmerizing water surface, you will definitely enjoy it.


Stone Skimming MOD is a great relaxing game. Besides, you can also show off your achievements with friends around. Improving your reflexes and flexibility, it’s time to show yourself as the best player in this game. Download and enjoy!

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