Strawberry Shortcake Ice-Cream APK (Mod Star)


Strawberry Shortcake Ice-Cream is a fun simulation game where your task is to make the best ice cream to get the highest score, along with you will become a big ice cream shop owner and sell the products you make by yourself. The Strawberry Shortcake Ice-Cream has reached over 1 million downloads in recent years. So we can assert that this is a fun entertainment game with great attractiveness.

Download Strawberry Shortcake Ice-Cream (Mega Star) APK for Android

Participating in the Strawberry Shortcake Ice-Cream, players and their friends will become favorite ice cream lovers. They have a dream of opening a fresh ice cream shop, but to make the dream come true, there is a great amount of money. You will have to make your own products and sell them for money. Until your products are widely distributed, you just could open yourself a restaurant of your own. In addition to ice cream, the Strawberry Shortcake Ice-Cream requires the player to complete a number of other tasks, such as serving cakes, coffee, and other beverages to customers, cleaning tables, cleaning dishes and playing some mini-games aim to accumulate extra bonuses. Because every game is limited time and patience of customers limited too. So try to complete all requests as soon as possible.

Although it has many outstanding features, Ice Cream Maker has a pretty big minus, it’s a lot of third party ads, and it constantly asks the player to watch the videos or play mini-games to get free Gem. In addition, the arrangement of the buttons on the screen is quite cumbersome and there are no play instructions that make beginners familiar with the simulation game, especially little ages players are difficult to follow.

Main Features

  • Extensive game map, multi-tasking.
  • Make ice cream according to your customers’ orders and make them come back to your shop many times after.
  • Attempts served many customers to collect bonuses and use the money to buy new ice cream ingredients.
  • Variety of beverages, cakes and ice cream such as fresh cream, cream, cream, strawberry cream, buttercream, chocolate cream, cafe, cookies, pies …
  • Play free mini-games like ice cream ingredients catching, help small birds fly as fast as possible …

Important note: Strawberry Shortcake Ice-Cream is free but also includes in-game ads. Players can ignore the ad by turning off the network connection before entering the game. However, some features may not work.

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