Super Spell Heroes


Fantasy fiction has long been simplified and is used for games. Thanks to the rich imagination and unique creativity of the publisher, games have made a significant contribution to the success of publishers and bring in huge profits. Like Sacrifice by Shiny Entertainment, Sword, and Magic by Longtu Game or most recently, Super Spell Heroes by the publisher of Flaregames. If you are looking for a game with engaging content or magical elements that you love the game is born for you.

Real-time 1v1 puzzle duel game of wizards and elemental powers

Unlike other role-playing games, Super Spell Heroes is tactical gameplay and totally new gameplay. As in other role-playing games, the player must control his character and directly use the skill to attack the opponent. In this game, the attack mechanic will be played indirectly through a ghost table. Art. When the battle begins, the screen is divided into three parts. One for the opponent, one for the player, and the other in the middle is a table containing a variety of stones with different shapes.

Get ready to join the battle now

Each type of stone has a distinct function, such as the shield-shaped stone that is to increase the defense, flint red to attack, or stone with a plus sign for healing. In order to use these stones, players must place them into a line with at least 3 members. The game offers two main modes of play: crossing and fighting PvP with other players. The overclocking mode is designed to increase the difficulty level, which is suitable for both beginners and unskilled players.

In addition, players must continually upgrade and develop their character to become stronger. The system offers a variety of characters from different classes: fire, water, etc. Each class has unique skills and these classes master each other. Therefore, players need to carefully choose the character to match each battle if you want to win.


Instead of role-playing games where you have to control the character and perform some tricky attacks to reach the Super Spell Heroes, you just have to lighten the screen to be able to show your skill. Super Spell Heroes focus on strategy, in addition to the development of strength, players also need to pay attention to his play, should be carefully calculated in each turn if not want to become losers.

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