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Update July 22, 2018 (2 years ago)

Subway Surfers is a viral entertainment game on the Google Play store and the App Store. The game is produced and released by Kiloo. As we can see, since Subway Surfers has been so successful, the publisher is also less interested in their new games. Instead, they focus on developing and fixing the famous spirit child. But until early 2018, the new publisher launched a new game with new gameplay, called SuperCar City. This is an improved version of Subway Surfers with online play functionality and a lot of new attractive features. Let’s learn more about this game in the article below.

Running nonstop

This game is called “endless running”, or is just referred to as running nonstop. The player controls his character through the obstacles on the way, the further away, the higher the score. But the most significant difference between Subway Surfers and SuperCar City is the context and transportation have changed. In Subway Surfers, the scene takes place at a railroad track; the protagonist is just a boy with a moving vehicle is a skateboard. In the SuperCar City context is a city with a long road full of transportation. The main character is the mischievous boy who lives in this city; transportation is also replaced by the full car colour.

Online mode

Favorite racing games such as Asphalt 8: Airborne, SuperCar City are also available online. Players will be joined in a room, and there will be about five people competing against each other on this challenging obstacle course. Of course, whoever finishes ahead will be the winner. However, winning is not as simple as you think, not only avoiding obstacles on the way, players also have to do the assigned tasks. Then you will receive a certain amount of money, and a lucky spin will be waiting for you.

Vehicle system diversity

There are over ten different vehicles that you can choose for your journey. With so many colours and different supporting materials, your car will become a speed monster. Of course, you need to use your bonus to unlock and upgrade these cars. The value of these cars is not small; you will have to save a long time to buy them.

Character customization

The characters in SuperCar City are characters that have appeared in Subway Surfers, and there are also new characters that you can explore. The unique thing about this game is that you can customize your character in whatever style you like. From clothing, shoes, hats … This is a big plus of this game compared to the older brother. Allowing players to customize everything according to their preferences will make the player much more comfortable.

Graphics, sound

Regarding graphics, the game does not have too many points compared to Subway Surfers, still the standard 3D platform and cute cartoon characters. Only the context of the game has been completely changed to bring a new space, a unique experience to the player. The sound in the game is also a critical point. Since this is a racing game, the soundtrack is essential for inspiring the player. You can quickly catch the familiar rock music while on the track. Maybe this is your favourite song?

Sum up

SuperCar City Mod has made its mark, though, and the game has attracted 5,000 downloads only a day after its release. Games are currently being opened in individual countries. Luckily we have the APK file; we will upload it below, readers can download and enjoy this fun game.

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