Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung APK (Update v1.6)


You are black lovers, enjoy the elegance of design and sophistication in the experience, Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung is a perfect application for your phone can be new covered and become the most beautiful smartphone from the inside out.

Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung APK (Update v1.6) latest for Android

With Google allowing deep interoperability within the software and hardware, application publishers have made a great deal of difference to make your mobile phone completely transformable. Unlike what an iPhone running iOS can do, Android-powered smartphones can customize a myriad of things, including the overall interface. The Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung released last week, the application has received extremely positive feedback from users, saying that this is a great application that turns their phones into a great one. The phone has a wonderful interface, comparable to the high-end smartphones of Samsung today such as S8, S8 Plus or Note 8.

Currently, the applications that Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung support a lot, we can mention a number of popular applications such as Google Chrome, Amazon Photos, ADM, Dropbox, Messenger, Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, and many other apps listed by the publisher here: https://goo.gl/tegFjG (new updates will be released weekly and continually updated with new features support)

Specifically, the Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung will replace the usual interface and white coatings in the application system into the mysterious black like on the high-end Samsung phones. Also, the status bar and the application search bar have also been significantly improved. This is the company to buy a new shirt for your smartphone, you can feel the new and refined in the design style of the publisher Per Lycke & Davide Lilli.

Currently, readers can buy this app on Google Play about $ 2.00 for a full, non-advertised version, which will be supported by the developer’s support during the installation process as well as by the user. Using an external .apk file will not be a great option, but we can all sympathize with it, and support Per Lycke & Davide Lilli with a 5-star rate on the market. Google Play for the applications they create.

Overall, this is a great app that helps you completely change the look of your old cell phone. Download the Swift Minimal Substratum Theme for Samsung APK to bring a new, refined interface to your beloved smartphone. Do not forget to install this app, you will need to reboot your device so it can work without any problems. Also when updating OTA to a new version of Android, please remove this app before and after the upgrade you just reinstalled it.

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