Tactical Leader – Turn Based Strategy (Update v1.0.11466)

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  • July 28, 2017
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Tactical Leader – Turn Based Strategy gives gamers a style of gameplay that is quite familiar with MOBA games but it is presented in the form of turn based card games. The main task of the player is to collect the warriors and set up a strong team to conquer the virtual world.

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First of all, Tactical Leader’s play style is pretty basic and resembles many other popular games in the market like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering. In order to call their warriors to the battle, each card will have indexes including attack power, blood, and mana number for use and move speed index. When two cards fight, their attack powers are subtracted from the opponent’s blood and the other who runs out of blood will disappear.

You must use the mana – the resource in the game will restore if it has been used up in the previous round, each player will have a maximum of 10 manas each turn to summon his troops or use the types of effect. And this is when the game becomes funny and different from other games when you can manually control your moves and attacks on a map divided into small squares.

Each type of troop is capable of different moves and is adjusted the balance, for example, powerful troops will not be able to go too far, while cards with small mana numbers will be agile and move further, so this creates interesting gameplay when you adjust your path to victory. Even when a card is destroyed, it will drop some equipment that when picked up by other cards and having different types of effects, this is an interesting feature that few other card games have.

Main features

  • You can Build your own team literally.
  • Strategic battle on a tileset battlefield
  • ‘New format’ Skill – Strategy Game
  • Closing service? Nop.
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