Tales of Gaia APK – New MMORPG released by Snail

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  • February 3, 2018
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Greek mythology is the Earth in which we live, one of the most ancient goddesses of all creation. In a game world described by modern humans, Gaia is also named for a vast land where all creatures live together. In there are three species of intelligent division into three balance forces in nature govern all remaining species. Humans, elves, and dwarves fight each other to scramble for territory and interests for their species and to make long-lasting wars of millennia.

Representatives are becoming more and tenser because every species wants to dominate Gaia so they can proceed to summon the ancient powers to serve their purpose without fear. The threat from them is that someday the summoner will not have enough ability to control it. One of the most powerful things is the dragon and dark magic. If they lose control of a species, they even wipe out the living creatures of Gaia. Therefore, they always wait for a hero – from any species, can stand up to dominate all. Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia – the story was written by the publisher of Snail Games.


MMORPG Tales of Gaia games are familiar to all veteran gamers in the worldwide gaming community. But why so great resonance when just opened the port to register before. It is because it was developed by Chinese game developer Snail Games and invested heavily in Unreal Engine 4 technology to become a graphics superhero. But that’s what we’re going to say after going into gameplay first.

First, when entering the Tales of Gaia game, you will have to do a challenging task but not too much time (if you have been playing for a long time) is to choose the character. There are three classes to choose from: Human – Knight of Gods, Elves – Cleric / Priest and Valiant – Warriors. Each character class has its own story that leads to a powerful system of skills related to life as well as species. The human with superior intelligence and tactical skills, great fighting was created from the Gauze Creator.

They believe in the gods should be blessed with the power to expand their territory with the sword in their hands. Efl was created by God of Neutra and placed in beautiful, mysterious forests. They bring in the power of nature, the miracle herbal cure. Valiant borrows the energy from the Sypher, the god of wind and speed, so they are fast and powerful with axes swept across the battlefield. I have a little advice that if you are a smart and tactical player then choose Human; a supporter will be Elf and tanker for Valiant. Having the right champion with a style of play is the best and fastest way to progress to victory in battle.

A fascinating world is a word for Gaia

This place will allow you step by step to learn about it rather than to explore it. You will have to go through terrible battles with impossible missions to get to know yourself and contribute to the building and development of species. With the three big species, 14 smaller classes are divided based on their nature and mission in their world. Let’s build the world together so that we can live better and give our soldiers the best they can. With incredibly detailed graphics, the world is beautifully rendered, very real but unthinkable.

A magical world as in open mythology for the minds of passionate exploration

Talk about the bases need the builders, the battlefield needs brave warriors. Not only have to set up a big private territory but also train the mighty warriors. The battleground in the game extremely cruel to the battle cannot resist the enemy. Either we live, or our enemies live. The battlefield is very chaotic, but you can still identify yourself on that battlefield thanks to the characteristics and identities that top-notch graphics bring. The battle is also eloquent with pro-sound. In addition to the fight, the hunting dragon or siege battlefield becomes more luxurious and more attractive.

Sum up

Tales of Gaia APK is one of the games that stopped production in 2008 but by 2016 was restarted by a prominent game developer from China. Just past 2018 also officially received game information has opened the portal before. If you have a good system of smart devices, download the game and enjoy the vibrant graphics and sound gameplay open wide like the world of The Lord of Rings. Wish you happy gaming.

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