Tank Stars (MOD, Money/Premium)


In the infantry war, what is the most frightening? Of course, the sturdy armoured vehicles with great destruction. Cannons fired at thousands of yards, the fire that made the powerful explosions sweep the enemy, was the terror of all soldiers on the battlefield. Tanks can easily destroy everything, but it is not easy to destroy a tank. They are like huge beasts that are operated by the god of death. But today, the tanks will no longer be dreaded, but will simply be the extremely cute cars in the game’s extremely attractive Tank Stars game with full of interesting ideas – Playgendary.

How to play

If anyone is a hardcore fan of gunny coordinates like Gunny Mobile, this is indeed a tank version of the lovely young man in there. Tank Stars is actually a tank game and when you join the game, you will be given a tank with pretty fun graphics. Your mission is to shatter enemy tanks, gain victories and receive countless rewards.

This is a real-time combat game, and the enemy tank is controlled by another player. This is where you show your healing calculations. The twos stand on both sides of the frame, and within a short specified time, each side will be shot once toward the enemy. Above the screen displays the energy bar of each vehicle, and when the energy bar of any party is exhausted first, that tank will explode and die. The winner will belong to the other side. During the firing process, you can completely move the tank position so that the fullest possible reach, without being caught by obstacles. You can also find in your arsenal of artillery shells, missiles, duplicated damage or even atomic bombs if you are sure they can finish off enemies quickly. The calculation of the path of missiles or bombs is quite important, as they will determine your victory in this tough match.

Each time you win, you will receive a reward. They are the weapons that can increase your damage so you can be sure of winning the next battle. Can be multiplied by two, multiplied by three, multiplied by four. It could be a new weapon equipped inside the tank. It can be an item that increases the strength and strength of the tank. Or items that help the tank move any distance without having to move slowly each step, … And besides, you can also get a large amount of gold, help you buy the tank. New with better shaping, greater strength.


The game is quite simple graphics, not too picky. However, the weapons and tanks are designed beautifully, easy to see, create more sympathy when playing. Neutral colours, dark backgrounds and brightly coloured tanks, the effects of bombardment are well designed, giving you the most realistic feel like you are on the real battlefield. The lively sound of the car, the sound of moving cars, and the sound of mines, as well as the sound of the triumphs, are really mellow, do you want to try it?


If you are a big fan of the coordinated shooter game, why not download it and stay with Tank Stars MOD to experience such exciting and challenging moments? Control your tank and hit the enemy, which is never easy. Let’s see if your calculations are accurate and you can become the best tank manager ever! Join and play!

MOD Info?

A large number of stones and coins;
Disabled advertising and training;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mode in which you can open all tanks (for the mod to work correctly, you must first buy all possible tanks for coins, and then switch this item on — you won’t be able to upgrade premium tanks!)

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