TAP TAP DRILL (탭탭 드릴) APK (Mod Unlocked)


It seems like today’s era has so many RPGs from fighting to simulating city building, which makes you bored with mobile games. If that’s the case, then it’s lucky to have the same thoughts. I started to get bored with RPGs and began scouting Google Play to find simple, but no less fancy and interesting games. Then I decided to download a Korean game and try to play it because I could not read Korean to understand what game was describing. And then you can not imagine how I feel. Interesting (and learned some Korean words). TAP TAP DRILL (탭탭 드릴) is the game that I am talking about. It was released by 2CM LABS – a company dedicated to releasing light and fun electronic games. The game has reached over 10000 downloads after just two days of release. That is a worthy mention.

A great recreation game

This is a straightforward game, easy to play but quite difficult to achieve maximum performance. It requires you to have a very sharp reflex with a smooth combination of hands and eyes. To play the game, you only need to do three steps:

1. Tap & Hold: You will press your finger on the screen and hold the drill so that it can perform its function.
Release: After the drill down to the standard depth to score; you need timing to release and score.

3. Make sure the screws are correctly drilled into the surface.
The game will allow you to drill on any material you can imagine such as wood, iron, trunk, planet, … and corresponding to it will be drilling tools suited to the surface. There are hundreds of items to choose from and play. Fighting up, simple game. Just drill.

Fun graphics

The graphics of the game are also extremely light and easy to see because it’s just a simple video game with only a few clicks to play. Besides, the manufacturer was keen to exploit a real-world physical activity and interactive design. That’s all that a player needs, not an excellent 3D graphics but boring content. The sound is also an aspect that should be mentioned when playing this game because it contributes greatly to the success of the game in such a short time. It is still voiced by the classic electronic game theme but has improved a lot to fit the theme of the game is drilling. The soundtrack is always bustling and urges the player to make the most fundamental drills.

Sum up

This is one of the simplest and most fun games I have ever played. You can play it in your spare time when changing subjects at school or when waiting for a friend in the restaurant. Although the game is free to download and download, some items have to be purchased for real money. Please buy it to enjoy the game integrity and support the manufacturer. Have fun!

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