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Surely everyone knows the famous TV series The Walking Dead, more or less. It is an adventure fascinating and gives the viewer a thrilling sensation and excitement. Thanks to that, the audience around the world is not a little bit at all. Based on its popularity, the products that get ideas from it seem to be very much and very popular. So in 2018, Telltale plans to launch a game called Walking Dead promises to be a blockbuster worth the gamer expected. And before that, there are also games inspired by favourite products such as new Batman series and a second season of The Wolf Among Us is also highly appreciated in the gaming community.


The Walking Dead was released on television in 2012 and is well received by viewers around the world thanks to its new and engaging content. The bloody action along with the layers of meaning hidden deep below the story makes it extremely attractive for all ages. This fourth season is the story revolves around Clementine in the journey to find AJ and on the path to grow, mature herself. The player will have the opportunity to change the story as you want, you will have the right to decide the life of Clementine about “who she wants to be, who she wants to be,” to the developers.

In this season will also welcome the return of the former PC gamer EIC, Gary Whitta who for some reason left all this fame and fortune behind to do something else. He is the author of the fourth episodes of season one and will now be participating as a content mentor in this last season. Telltale said that the very first official look at the final season would be revealed at 12:30 pm ET on April 6 at its PAX East panel, which will also be able to view on Twitch.


The Walking Dead 4 – Final Season will be a survival game based on the famous series. You will be playing the main character Clementine, drifting along her adventure in the zombie world full of fierce. Around you are half-dead creatures, shifting slowly moving closer to you. The task is to kill all of them to preserve their lives. A bullet in the middle of the head can kill them. So what’s hard? Peace of mind, they are so crow, which it is impossible to destroy all of them. They will slowly come to you when you are not careful and bite you – turn you into zombies or eat the brain for food. You will have to live, fight and save the world (?). A game that combines elements such as survival, combat, tactics, is a blockbuster. Do not miss it.

Sum up

Such a compelling game is sure to get a lot of people’s attention, but maybe this will be quite sad news when the publisher has not announced its official launch date. Know something a little vague that it will be released on the platform, PCs, and iOS devices and sometime in 2018. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are all but confirmed but never known. Please try to wait.

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