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TERA M, also known as TERA Dark Squall, was first announced in 2015 and until recently, Netmarble announced some information about this exciting online mobile game. Accordingly, the most noteworthy news is that TERA M will be released in Korea in October and the international version will be released in 2018.

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And in today’s article, ModDroid.Com will introduce some of the basics of TERA M including combat systems, servers, characters and some other information. According to Bluehole Squall’s chief technology officer, Woong Chul Ko said: “While recent mobile games are based on weapons, armor and combat forces, TERA M is not the same, he asserted. This game will give gamers a true experience like the MMORPG series on PC ”
As we all know TERA M is a legacy version of the popular TERA Online game on PC. The plot of TERA M will be set about 1000 years ago in comparison to TERA Online, in the context of chaos, the heroes appear against the cruel dominance of the Royal forces and monsters. TERA M will have a variety of combat mechanisms compared to the Auto feature of MMO on mobile today. Specifically, the game will have three control mechanisms: Auto Fight, Semi-Auto Fight, and Manual Fight. Players can choose from three mechanisms, but you will not survive if only to Auto Fight mode, this is the difference of TERA M and this also makes the attractive of the game.

Players can switch and upgrade characters in different ways, but Netmarble did not reveal much about this feature. We can understand that: Priest can become a tanker without having to worry too much about her not finding the right team. About the server system, Netmarble said it would apply mega server to the game, meaning that their servers would be able to hold hundreds of thousands of players, which makes the congestion not to occur when there were too many player logins at the same time. The company also said their mega server would be 10 times larger than a Lineage 2 Revolution server. In terms of character systems, Netmarble also introduced six character classes that will appear in the game, each with its own evasion skills and a variety skills system. You can unlock the skill through level up, change, or reset skill slots to your liking.

Character classes

As a friendly girl, she is managing an orphanage in a quiet village. But one day the orphanage is no longer financially viable, which forces Elin to join the combat squad so that she can seek to fund for her orphanage.
Elin does not seem to be suitable for fighting alone, she has not high speed but the ability to recover the top row in the game. Elin will be able to promote her abilities well in the crowded battles, besides the ability to recover, but Elin has the ability to buff power for allies.

As a well-known bounty hunter in Arborea, she joined the Independence Army in part to search for secret information and partly to counter the Royal Army. The Human Warrior is a class whose antipersonnel ability is increased over time, which means that her initial damage is moderate, but when the battle lasts, her strength is increased significantly.

As a slave and rescued by the independent forces, Amani Lancer does not have high movement speed as well as massive damage, but his resistance and physical strength always make his teammates be reassuring.

With the name Libellia, her parents were killed by the royal army and forced her to spend her days in the jungle. Libellia joined the independent army to find out the truth about her parents’ death.
As a ranged attacker in the class, she uses her bow as the main weapon. Libellia can attack the enemy from a fairly safe distance, with high damage but her resistance is quite low

The name is often called Lane Rolf, a material arts instructor in a small town. His wife and daughter were murdered by Royal forces and Lane Rolf joined the Independence Army in an attempt to avenge his family. As a melee class, the main weapon is a giant sword, the Human Slayer, which causes extremely high damage, but rather low physical strength. This is a class that is considered difficult to play and forces players to practice often if they want to become Master with Human Slayer

As a wealthy merchant, his store was occupied by the Royal Household, forcing him to hide, and later Lavrain decided to join the Independence Army. A passive skill class that enhances his skills with different effects. Like Elin, Lavrain advances his comprehension by coordinating with his teammates in the crowed war.

In it, Popori is a completely new class, never seen in Tera Online. Netmarble also said that initially they were confused between choosing Wizard or Alchemist to be the 6th character class, but then the development team decided to choose Alchemist to bring a new breath to the game. They also revealed that in the future, they will be releasing more exclusive and exclusive classes. TERA M will be a Free to Play game so the revenue of the game will be based on selling items in the game but gamers are assured that all the items in the store can be found through the dungeons.

Do not know when the game officially released is the same as what NPH announced or not? However, we can fully expect a mobile game convergence full features featured on the PC MMORPG with TERA M. Currently, in late November the game will be officially released in Korea. National and international versions will be available later in 2018. Interested gamers can see more information at the game’s homepage under the link below:

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