Terraria (MOD, Many Items/Immortality)


Terraria. – Do you like action role-playing games and fighting monsters like Last Bless? Become a good general with strategy games like Battle Islands? Become a construction engineer with the dream of creating unique projects like the Megapolis game? Or become an adventurer, dreaming of discovering the great things nature has to offer in Chimpact 2 Family Tree? Today, all these genres are included in the Terraria game which I’m going to introduce to you below. This game is a product of the 505 Games Srl company, the father of the famous puzzle game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. If you are also a fan of this publisher, do not miss this introduction to Terraria.

Dig down, explore, build and fight

Terraria is an adventure game, but the features of this game are no different than a game of action, construction, and tactics. If you ask in this game, what do you do then I would answer, nothing is impossible. The game’s features are incredibly well developed; you can build buildings, dig up, collect materials as a worker, make weapons and accessories such as a blacksmith, Dress her up as a hero, fight the monsters to protect the villagers.

Initially, you have to start with the most original instruments, a small sword, an ax and a national one. Swords help you protect yourself when faced with dangers such as monsters, or fierce animals. The ax helps you to cut trees, collect wood and collect large stones. And the national one can dig deep into the earth, looking for other materials like metals, gold, diamonds, …. like miners. Start your journey of discovery in this vast world by collecting materials. Cut down the wood, hunt animals for meat, quarry, and dig deep into the ground for other materials. Once you’ve got the ingredients, use them to make better weapons, boosting your strength to protect yourself from the dangers. You can also build bridges to make it easier for you to move, or build your own shelter, avoiding attacks from strange creatures. In this world, there are countless dangers.

Sometimes, you move to somewhere; you will encounter dangerous monsters, even the giant boss and the only way to continue your journey is to destroy them. Then, the weapons and equipment that you built before will work. The system has an NPC that always appears around you. If you need to find information, such as the use of items, or the boss’s report on the map, you will be helping a lot!


Although Terraria is built on a simple 2D graphics, textures from the different blocks, round but extremely lively. The designer of the 505 Games Srl cleverly uses the dominant colors, creating a vast, mysterious scene waiting for you to discover. But your character is provided only the most health, try to protect him from the danger around. Download this game to your phone and start experiencing it!

MOD Info?

Menu mod (with a choice):

– Immortality (you do not get almost all the damage from mobs, but you can suffocate under water or die from poison)

– A lot of items (select any item in the inventory that has more than one piece, then click on the Share button and confirm – in the inventory there will be 2 stacks of this item, 255 pieces each)

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