The Grand Bike V – Cycling simulator


Before cars, motorbikes or other modern means of transport emerged and became popular; there was a time when bikes dominated the big and small roads. From the city to the countryside, we see two-wheelers running on the way. At that time, a motorcycle was even worth the price of a modern car. But when the time changed, and the new advances replaced the old ones are now obsolete, it is rarely encountered on the road a silhouette of bicycles between the car nuisance. Instead of dying out in the forgetfulness, bikes are becoming tools for exciting sports such as mountain biking races or stylish art shows.

Can you ride a bike with high speed that still glides around the bends or slopes without getting off the steering wheel? Or can you ride with your hands off the chassis, or head off the car while keeping your balance when only touching the ground with a rear wheel? It’s all inspiring, and if you’re interested, come and experience the best in your virtual bike in The Grand Bike V.

Create your style?

The name says it all; The Grand Bike V is a perfect game for those who love or merely enjoy the two-wheeled and easy-control vehicles. When you participate in the game, you will be playing a character that has a passion for terrain bike. You will have a choice of vehicles with different colours and shapes, but if you are a newcomer, the number of cars you choose will be limited because you will lose money to buy new cars. Then you will be sitting in your car and along it cross the roads with extremely dangerous terrains. And your task is to overcome the obstacles such as the giant slide, the tail of the truck or the leaning boards, … and perform techniques such as loading head, roll over the car, while driving, you can earn a lot of money every time you make, so you can buy more beautiful new cars and more comfortable. However, be careful while performing your skills as you will probably fall off the wagon or hit somewhere. This is not an easy challenge.


The game has quite simple functions, with time for each problem limited to a certain amount of time, and during that time you have to perform as many skillful moves as possible, And best of all, you can land successfully from a high distance combined with skills such as flipping or scratching your car … to get the highest possible score. During the challenge, you will be given many missions, and you have to travel around the city to find and complete them. This will help you not to feel bored as just walking around aimlessly with your bike.

Graphics and sound

The Grand Bike V has an excellent graphics, with the car is designed very meticulous and exact. Space is also intended to help players have as many opportunities to earn points and gold money as possible with the factory, the construction works, and many of the high boards are the right place. To show off your driving skills. The sound is not so much the highlight, but it sure is what it represents that will make you can not ignore this exciting game titles.

Sum up

As an exciting sports game, you will experience the most magical skills of riding your bike for the first time. With very simple gameplay and exciting features, the game promises to bring you the best moments of your mobile phone.

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