The Idolmaster: Million Live Theater Days APK (Update v1.2.500) Mod


The anime or manga that originated from cherry blossom country is always a fascinating topic and attracts the gaming industry. Every year, they release the unique games and gradually become a feature of this country. While the country of kimchi is very developed the entertainment industry with a large number of talented idols and natural beauty. If you can combine the highlights of both types, it would be great. Come to The Idolmaster: Million Live Theater Days, you will feel the special combination when playing idol characters practicing to achieve the dream of standing on the stage and stirring air at the concert. Bandai Namco has released the second trailer for The Idolmaster: Million Live Theater Days, which was announced in March for smartphones.

Download The Idolmaster: Million Live Theater Days APK (Update v1.2.500) Mod for Android

Apps have a lot of interesting things are waiting for players to explore all. There are 3 types of idols: Princess idols, Fairy idols, and Angle idols. A total of about 52 characters and is managed by beautiful secretary Misaki Aoba.

There are two types of concerts set up:
Unit Concert, you can enjoy the concert with the use of many of your favorite 3D characters in the same show. There will be 3 preset tones and the use of these music buttons will then depend on the player. Just by touching the note, you can achieve “Special Appeal”.
For Solo Concert, the player only uses an idol to perform and can use even the vertical screen because space is small and you just focus on an idol.

All the characters are meticulously designed with the personality and style of each person’s own dress. People will be very shy, people are very personal and dynamic, but above all, all have a dream is to become a famous idol, to be able to sing. The track system is very versatile and almost any idol can perform solo. There will be plenty of room as an idol school, a place to study and practice the concert. The colors used in the game are very warm, space is very spacious and very comfortable. Dining room, bedroom, training room is full for players to use.

You always love colorful anime songs and always want to create your own unique idol, do not you? The Idolmaster: Million Live Theater Days will always welcome you, where fun and satisfy big love with music along with lovely idols.

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