The Pascals Wager: Annunciation

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  • August 27, 2018
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The truth is that everyone knows that the gaming market is growing. The best evidence in just five years, the world has witnessed the birth of so many genres and is always loved by the players. Even in familiar genres such as ARPG, human growth is unbelievable. For example, to become famous Dark Souls, with the action-oriented play that medieval context attractive, there are still points that players feel not satisfied. The fans feel bored because of the game that they have played for many years. Those players say that Dark Souls have a way of fighting too slowly in the face of big bosses. Just watch the boss’s fighting style and roll out easily.

Is bloodborne a Dark Souls game?

Seeing that, many other gaming houses have started to act and design products with much faster and agiler gaming. Players will not be able to guess how their opponents will fight, the course of the mission will also have diversity. Not to mention that opponents can learn how to fight to avoid the killer.

The Pascals Wager: Annunciation is a newer and more advanced version of Bloodborne. The manufacturer claims that it is playable, even more, nimble and powerful than Dark Souls. A tipworks artist named Dark Souls is a template that appeals to the fans of his predecessor and then creates a new play.


One day, suddenly the sun sank into the sea and never came back. Now, the world is filled with chaos because there is no longer the Light of the Sun. Mist and Black Clouds come, covering all the lands and making it a place of lifelessness. Monsters begin to rise and attack the villagers, the village is desolate and touches the hero’s family. You will play the hero that, to destroy the monster and find a way to make the sun rise again. Save the world from chaos and extinction.

Role-playing games have the best graphics on mobile

As mentioned above, The Pascals Wager: Annunciation takes the main material from Dark Souls to produce their own gameplay. So, if you look briefly, this is a quick and unpredictable Darks Souls. You can see that the boss is much more difficult because after a period of time it starts learning how to move and attack you.

The controller of the game probably still uses the MFi controller like all the other ARPGs. The actions you can perform in a game such as piercing, slashing, surfing, attack, … the thing is on the right so you can easily manipulate. The parameters such as energy, attack strength, and defense are set scientifically at the angles you can quickly observe but do not catch sight when attacking.

The Pascals Wager: Annunciation has not yet been released officially. The APK file will be uploaded to us immediately after the game is published

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