This War of Mine (Update v1.4.3) Mod Unlocked


This War of Mine is the mobile version of the popular war game on PC. This War of Mine APK Android is highly appreciated for its humanity storyline and realistic survival gameplay.

Download This War of Mine APK v1.4.3 Mod unlocked full latest for Android

In This War of Mine for Android, the player does not play an elite soldier, rather a member of a resident group trying to survive in a city where enemies besiege. You have to find ways to survive in the lack of food and medicine and against the dangers of the snipers, the bad people. This survival game brings the war experience under a completely new view.

The pace of This War of Mine APK for Android takes place in the day and night cycle. During the day, the snipers outside, prevent anyone from leaving the shelter. Therefore, players need to focus on maintaining and developing their hideout, such as making things, exchanging goods, and taking care of the survivors. At night, you send a member of the group scouting to search for special items to help them survive in this harsh world.
This War of Mine for Android focuses on the conscience of the player. All life-and-death decisions depend on your choice. Try to protect people in the hideout or sacrifice some people to live longer? In war and bombs, there are no good or bad decisions, there is only survival. You need to realize that as soon as possible.

The outstanding features of the This War of Mine survive game for Android

– Inspired by real events
– Control survival and manage place where you live
– Make weapons, wine, bed, stove or anything that helps you survive
– Making the life-and-death decision can cause a conscience to be broken, unforgettable
– The world and character randomly appear each time new play
– Charcoal graphics match the theme of the war, perfecting the gaming experience
– Support multi-language interface: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazilian.

This War of Mine for Android is a completely new expansion version, distinct from the PC version. It allows the player to lead a group of adults and children in a besieged city, lacking everything essential. It focuses not only on the dark truths of the endless war but also on the fact that, even in times of conflict, children are still so. They cry, laugh, play and see the world very differently. In addition, This War of Mine for Android makes players think seriously about survival. You have to find ways to protect them. Youth, the future of your country is in your hands.

This War of Mine APK mod features:

  • Mod 1: Unlocked adreno
  • Mod 2: Unlocked mali
  • Mod 3: Unlocked powervr

Unpack DATA by path Android/obb.

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