Toon Blast (MOD, Unlimited Moves)


Match-3 puzzle games have now become so popular and loved by everyone. The reason is that these games have simple gameplay, but are easily addictive, making players spend several hours without feeling bored. Moreover, the game is designed with fresh content, suitable for many subjects, from middle-aged people to babies from 3 years old. The most popular titles in this genre are Candy Crush Saga, Jewels Jungle, Jewel & Gems Mania 2019, Angry Birds Match, and Toon Blast. In it, the game that I want to introduce to you is Toon Blast. Let’s explore this game together!

The story

Toon Blast is set in the animated world, about the endless journey of three friends: cat Cooper, Bruno and wolf bear Wally. One day, the forest where Cooper, Bruno, and Wally live held a quiz. All those who solve 100% of the riddles offered by the organizers will receive a ticket to visit the human world. Three friends Cooper, Bruno, and Wally, were delighted. They immediately signed up for the competition and aspired to go together to explore things they had never seen in the human world.


Toon Blast follows the familiar puzzle game of match-3, similar to Candy Crush Saga of King’s publisher. In each level, you will try to put at least 3 gems of the same color into a vertical line, or horizontal rows to score points, and remove them from the game screen to make room for others. At each level, you will have to complete certain objectives to move on to the next level. For example, collect 20 blue gems, 8 golden ones or reach 16,000 points.

These goals will continually change, and the difficulty increases with your playing time. Therefore, you need to observe and put lots of stones of the same color on a line to create combos, making it easier for you to accomplish your goals. However, when you first play, these goals are quite simple, the main purpose is to familiarize you with the gameplay. However, there are quite a lot of puzzles, which you need to use your intellect, and with a little luck to overcome.

Moreover, your number of plays is also limited to a certain extent, making it more difficult for your husband. If you can’t create combos, then use some of the game’s help items, such as a charm or disco ball, which will help you break a lot of rocks! In addition to plot-based features, Toon Blast also supports team-up features with friends. You can solve puzzles with your friends, or talk to each other.

Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST!

Join the colorful world and accompany three friends Cooper, Bruno, and Wally in Toon Blast now. These lovely friends desperately need your help so that there can be a trip together to the world of humankind. Thousands of puzzles are waiting for you to answer, will you accomplish them?

MOD Info

  • 100 moves in each level.

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