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There have been a lot of soccer games released over the years. However, football management games are quite a few. We have Football Manager Touch, Football Manager Mobile, PES Club Manager or recently Champion of the Field from the Chinese game company Netease. Among the few ball management games, Top Eleven 2019 has become one of the most popular games with hundreds of millions of downloads and over 3 million positive reviews from players. (Google Play only).

The game was released by Nordeus, an independent game publisher based in Belgrade, Serbia. Despite being a privately owned independent game publisher, Nordeus was hugely successful when its debut game was massively successful. Top Eleven Football Manager first came as an application located in the Facebook App. With its unexpected success, in 2011, Nordeus released the mobile version of Top Eleven Football Manager. Immediately, the game became a blockbuster!

Manage your own team with the Top Eleven 2018

In “Top Eleven 2018,” you will become the manager of a football team. In the position of a manager, you would take care of his team from A to Z. First, you will start by building yourself a team; then you will be responsible for managing your team on every aspect: finances, physical training and strategy, transfer assignments, the buy and sale of players and even the uniform design and construction of the stadium! The game requires strategically minded players, patience, leadership and a real love for football. After building a team, players can play with friends or experience tests to improve their management skills. As a multi-player game, Top Eleven 2018 allows users to connect with friends and other players around the world. So, you will never be alone when playing Top Eleven 2018.

The game has systematic design and simple sound effects

This game is a pure strategy with professional design. The game focuses on the strategic element to visual is minimised: not too much glitzy detail, the football players are reduced to dots, like playing chess, … However, this game might have the most attractive and eye-catching Intro I ever. In addition to the systematic and professional design, the sound in the game is not too ostentatious. The game requires strategic thinking, concentration and patience. So the sound is also designed so that game players can concentrate on the game best.

Some exciting things about Top Eleven 2018

Top Eleven 2018 this time with more features and new updates.

  • Contract with young players: In the Top Eleven 2018, the young players (Wonder Kids) are players age not older than 21 years. These are young players with the potential and qualities of a football superstar. Players have the opportunity to train wonder kids to become football superstars thanks to their persistent training, and their excellent strategies.
  • Opportunity to become the manager of the big teams and participate in the world’s largest football leagues. Have you ever thought of becoming manager of Manchester United, Real Madrid,
  • Liverpool, Barca or Cheasle? With Top Eleven 2018, everything can happen. Be ready to embark on building your team, training and attending big matches with top clubs!
  • Build and develop your stadium, signing contracts and design your own coaching route.

In a nutshell

Top Eleven 2018 MOD APK is a game with very professional gameplay and design. The game requires players strategic thinking, leadership and lots of patience. Top Eleven 2018 is sure to be enjoyed by many football fans by the league system, teams from many famous clubs and players market extremely rich. As an online game, therefore, Top Eleven 2018 players will have more opportunities to play with gamers worldwide and have a lot of fun together.

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