Trials Frontier (MOD, Unlimted Money)


For a long time, Ubisoft Entertainment has resonated with the gaming community with the game. Hungry Shark Evolution. It seems like a simple game, but Hungry Shark Evolution is enthusiastically responded by players, attracting more than 100 million installments. In addition to Hungry Shark Evolution, the company that developed the game has many other exciting titles such as Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, The Great War’s Valiant Hearts and even Trials Frontier that I will introduce to you. Trials Frontier is a fun terrain racing game but built on an incredibly deep storyline. Let’s find out.


Trials Frontier’s tells about the journey to rescue his sister of a motorcyclist. Previously, a black organization had come to find him, they knew his racing ability and expressed his wish to work for them. He refused, and soon after, the gang kidnapped his little sister. They send a message to the protagonist, if you get through the path they’ve laid out, you can rescue your sister. However, his time is limited; his sister may die if he does not make it on time.

Ride your Bike, Join the Race!

Trials Frontier allows you to become a professional racer. And your task is to cross the race to rescue your sister. Precisely, at each game stage, you will control the motor to run to a marked position, called the destination but your path is not flat. They can be mountains, dense forests, rocky steppes, or towering buildings. At the same time, there are also deep holes in the way, and the moving obstacles are hazardous. They will prevent you from reaching the destination.

The system provides you with 4 control keys, including 2 forward, backward and 2 control keys that keep the motor is always in balance, that means you don’t tilt too much forward or backward to fall. When the car moves to uneven terrain, the motor will lose its balance forward or backward. And you need to use 2 balance keys to keep it running. At first, you will feel a bit difficult, but after practicing, the control skills will be enhanced. Moreover, the game maker arranged stages with difficulty from low to high, suitable for you to get familiar with the gameplay.

In addition to plot mode, it is also possible to play against other players in multiplayer mode. All your achievements in this mode are recorded, and if it is high enough, your name will be registered on the leaderboard.

Looking like the real deal

Graphic of Trials Frontier is designed on 2D platforms. The scenery is beautifully built, with hundreds of different environments, creating new, not boring for players. At the same time, the racing system is also very rich. The cars have eye-catching and unique shapes that you can hardly find them in real life. And the characters are designed in cartoon style, looks very funny and cute. Besides, the physical movement is handled quite professionally, giving the player a smooth feel. A cool game like Trials Frontier, don’t miss it

MOD Info?

– money increase
– high probability of a ban

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