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  • January 1, 2018
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We must know Silicon studio with the famous games can be referred to as Age of Ishtaria, Fantasia or Three Kingdom Card Battle…. followed by mobile games Trinity Seven will be released in the coming time. This is a game developed by the anime series Trinity Seven, which was created by Saitou Kenji and is expected to hit the Internet community in 2018 promises to bring a lot of surprises and special to bring different, unlike the anime.

Download Trinity Seven APK (Update CBT) Mod latest for Android

The game’s main character is Arata Kasuga, a 17-year-old who sets off on a journey to find his missing cousin, Hijiri Kasuga, who lives with him. Arata meets seven girls that the seven girls will follow and help him along the way. Players will play one of these characters, join the royal school headed by 7 beautiful female students and perform the task of finding the secret, traces or clues to have. The rescue of Hijiri. They will have to overcome the hardships and dangers of being able to accomplish their tasks, finding useful information that can help them come to terms with the truth behind the disaster. Overcoming the thorns, learn new knowledge about the strange phenomenon to prepare for the next journey.

All characters are based on the anime’s original characters, both in appearance and in voice actors. The space and location of the Trinity Seven are also sketched from the plot. This will be very interesting for those who love this anime because they can use their favorite characters to participate, gaining more rewards than other characters. Music familiar with the songs included in the anime will be the background for the game. Learn around the royal academy where you do not pay attention when watching movies. Equip your character with the essential weapons and equipment.

Can Arata and his girls find and rescue Hijiri? The incidents in this game may be different from what we have seen on TV. If you have the same thoughts, register now for Trinity Seven to discover the latest happenings. Trinity Seven APK will be very quickly launched with the community in 2018 coming.

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