True Skate (MOD, All Unlocked)


True Skate – Are you a dynamic person, a person who loves street sports? Today, street sports have probably become very popular. In parks or large areas, you can meet parkour players, BMX Freestyle, Inline Skate (patin) and even skateboarders. And skateboarding is a sport I love so much. I love the personality and dynamism of it brings to me. However, I can not often practice because I have quite a bit of free time. But since I learned about True Skate, I can practice at any time. This is a simulation surfing game, released by True Axis. If you want to try out with this sport, then join the True Skate game!

The ultimate skateboarding sim

True Skate is a professional sports game. Join this game, and you will become a street fighter, along with your skateboard. The gameplay of this game is quite simple; you just swipe your finger on the screen to perform the corresponding operation. For example, if you want to do a rotation, you need to swipe on one end of the board so that the board pops up and you can do the action you want. Besides, you can perform a variety of moves such as kickflip, backside or jump up and spin the board in the air.

True Skate has many maps for you to choose from, including streets, stairs, parks, warehouses, professional skate parks,… with a variety of terrains. However, I advise you, if you are new to this game, you should choose maps that are flat terrain, and do not have too many obstacles. Because such places are suitable for you to practice, and when you have more professional skills, move on to more challenging terrains.

Besides, the game offers you an extensive collection of skateboards. The skis are designed to be very rich, of varying sizes, and are decorated with beautiful graffiti drawings, which tend to be liked by young people. Especially according to the latest news, True Skate has become the official game of Street Racing Skateboarding competition – street racing tournament worldwide. You’ll experience Street Skateboarding on the street, with 3D quality graphics, accurate to every detail.


True Skate is a game for those who love skateboarding, and who love the sport of art, adventure. However, you can be a good skater on your phone, without having to go through grueling training hours or complicated techniques. True Skate has a sharp 3D graphics background, and the game’s motion controls are very smooth and highly accurate, giving you the feel of being on a skateboard. So do not skip this game, download and start experimenting right now.

MOD Info?


  • Unlimited Money


  • Unlock paid content
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