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UltraHunt is an exciting mobile survival game released by Razer Phone. Of course, this is a survival game so the gameplay is quite similar to PUBG on PC. When you start playing the game, the player is dropped onto a deserted island from the airplane, followed by dangerous things that appear everywhere. If you want to win, you must be the last survivor.

Download UltraHunt APK+DATA Mod latest for Android/iOS

Like the PC version, UltraHunt has a very wide and diverse map, so every match can have a maximum of 99 participants at one time. Try to hide and finish the other player to become the last survivor. Before taking part in the game, players will have a short time to prepare things like weapons and hiding, each game lasting about 10 minutes at a very fast pace. If you have had the experience of playing Gamesunknown’s Battlegrounds on the PC or PS4, XBOX is sure to get you started quickly because everything from playing to weapons is similar.

Key features in the game UltraHunt APK

1. Open map
If you love and are addicted to GTA5, then there is no reason why you wouldn’t love UltraHunt. In the game, the player is free to move around on the map, even open the door into abandoned houses (which GTA5 does not have), players can also explore the wide island by jogging. Maps in UltraHunt are also divided into different areas such as warehouses, barracks, chemical zones, airports … from which players can join together to hunt for valuable items, weapons to survival. However, in this game, everyone is your enemy, be careful!

2. Motorized means
If Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds allows jumping on cars and moving, this game has the same features. Players will have a variety of motorized vehicles, from motorbikes, cars, even the tank. Players can use the option to use them as a companion in the fierce fight to survive.

3. Weapons and components
In a survival game, a weapon is indispensable. There are seven types of weapons: Knife, USP, AK-47, M4A1, UMP, Shotgun, AWM, and 14 different types of the circuit elements can be used to protect the player’s life and of course, they are waiting you discover. Manufacturers are also quite cautious when designing the weapon is very similar models in real life. They can also be upgraded to deal more damage.

4. Character system
UltraHunt Mod APK allows players to customize character profiles, even clothing, and footwear. Do not forget, these outfits also help players to increase their power significantly.

With plenty of attractive features and a completely free download for mobile users, Razer’s UltraHunt is the perfect choice for those who love to shoot to survive. Not only that, the game also helps you train your thinking, acumen as well as clever tactics to win after each battle.

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