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  • March 28, 2018
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Valkyrie Profile was a viral game around 1999 when many fans and e-readers loved it because of its in-depth content and unique character formation. And not to be expected of everyone, spring this year will be the return of the game with the new name is Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Let’s find out what’s fresh from this super cool.

Plot – Gameplay

The background of the game takes place in Midgard, a place where we are separated from our Earth. There is a king named Odin. He is running a peaceful country, the land of the gods. Unfortunately, on a dark day, his children had to bounce back to the country and want to rule here. He summoned monsters and captured the country. And the battle is called Ragnarok. Dragging on a lot of the loss of life. The main character of the game is the Valkyrie and is also the character the player primarily uses. Your mission is to find and collect souls from everywhere. These souls are of the warriors who have died, for they are brave and influential people who are of great value.

After gathering these souls, you will bring them back to another god named Odin to do the job for the great battle of Ragnarok between the gods and the giants. In the game, the Valkyrie will use his sword to fight enemies, jump, glide and attack quickly. Attack ability of the character is excellent, can damage the enemy forces in the first attack and the advantage for the style. This is a great storyline game, and if you’ve ever seen Marvel’s Thor 3 movie, you’re sure to know the Ragnarok battle. This is a battle between gods fighting for power.

Graphic design and features

In-game maps are an open world so that players can control the characters everywhere. The character remains the same, and besides, the fun part of the game is that the journey to find the character’s memory is reflected in another perspective. It is different from the current game genre. The game is divided into eight chapters, covering different missions. You will be part of the quest for monsters, go to the dungeons and discover what’s hidden on Midgard. Characters will have to look everywhere from the town, the village, to the remote mountain to find the soul of the deceased. Meanwhile, you still have to destroy the monsters on the way. Difficulty levels of tasks will be divided from easy, medium to hard. The journey to collect these warrior spirits is also a recurrent quest for the lost memory of Valkyrie. The game incorporates content from the months of Valkyrie’s memories, which are just a matter of creating a depth of story that engages players in new episodes until the story is clear.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth APK will be introduced to Android and iOS this year, but perhaps this will be a paid game. Or players will have to use the money to unlock the next chapter of the game. The publisher is free only for the first one or two chapters. Please wait until the game launches.

Sum up

Currently, we do not have any information about the release date of the game. But it’s not worth the wait for the fan to have a video clip of the Valkyrie Profile and promises to bring a global explosion and will not make players lose hope Certainly, it will evoke a lot of memories from the 2000s, as the Playstation boomed around the world.

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