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In addition to the need for photography, smartphone users today also need huge video capture bridge. In fact, a smartphone can hardly serve a professional movie or video, but it is also suitable for short-term entertainment content. VivaVideo is one of the pioneers for this when it gives users a lot of utilities to create cool videos. Currently, such tools are very diverse and abundant, but it still captures the hearts of many users worldwide. With some downloads of up to 100 million, perhaps “VivaVideo” deserves to be one of the leading players.

QuVideo Inc has also released a few products then focus on this experience. These brothers are successful and have certain fans of their own. If you find it interesting, you can freely try one of them. These applications are all released for free. But “VivaVideo” is top # 1 Grossing so it can be said that it is incredibly active.

Video Editor & Photo Movie

The World-Famous “VivaVideo” feature helps users create the most compelling videos that require only mobile devices. First, it will be the videos that they shoot themselves will be made professional with many of the most powerful editing tools today. We can trim and merge everything again in a video to create the most exciting synthesis moments. Thanks to editing mode, users can create fun videos that come from a variety of sources. Another feature that is used a lot is adjusting the speed of the video you shoot. Users can speed up many times to get a product just enough time and have a hilarious voice. Either slow also brings similar effects. If you don’t shoot a video, the photos you take are also a good goal to edit. The ability to insert music into videos is definitely a must-have in an application like this. It makes your product much more interesting, creating more drama and indirectly expressing emotions.

The filter set of “VivaVideo” is definitely one of the best-designed functions in this category. Basic / Selfie / FX / Funny / Music Video / College will be the basic tabs for you to configure your edit direction. After that, depending on your interests to create “funny faces” make people laugh. Don’t hesitate to share these videos with your friends; maybe you’ll make them laugh even after that long day of stress.

The slideshow will be much more professional when you use “VivaVideo” to design. Because it will support many color correction tools, create beats and filters, … Bring them to a group presentation, show your friends or use to keep the moments of an adventure. All are fine.

Besides, “VivaVideo” also creates a community of its own to share videos. If you are interested in other people’s work, you can go to the discovery section to see it. You can even become famous when the videos you post are interesting and shared. This is certainly a great motivation for many users to support “VivaVideo.”

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