West Mafia Redemption: Gold Hunter FPS Shooter (MOD Free Shopping)


I have traveled extensively in many Western cultures, where there are vast prairies, dense woods, and real cowboys. They have a pretty cool life, riding on the plateau during the day when they go down hunting animals together because they shoot excellent guns. Besides, they are the heroes of the land; they protect people from rioters and evil beasts. I have longed to become cowboys, and now that dream has come true with the West Mafia Redemption: Gold Hunter FPS Shooter. This is a fascinating FPS game, if you want to be a real cowboy then join this game!


It has been a long time in the West. The village of Reston is located next to the jungle living very peacefully. One day, the mafia came out, killing many innocent people and taking away the precious assets and gold ingots that people have long been. At that time, Hunter Cowboy was just a child, witnessing the murder of his village, including his beloved father. He determined to take revenge on them. Fifteen years later, they suddenly come back here again, Hunter is now a mature man, he is ready to confront them, reclaiming justice for the people who lay down.

Gold Hunter FPS Shooter

As a cowboy, the player takes on the task of destroying the creepy Mafia who is about to invade his village. Initially, players are provided with some primary guns. Use them and complete simple tasks to get better guns. The screenplay sequences from easy to hard, the first screen have quite a few enemies, but later, they will be more crowded, making it difficult for players. Practice your ability to observe and shoot your gun to win.


West Mafia Redemption: Gold Hunter FPS Shooter is released by Blockot Games. This FPS shooter game has been enjoyed by many gamers from the early days of release, so far has more than 2 million installs. Not only the plot is attractive, but the graphics of the game is also extremely meticulous design. The battle map is a dark forest in the fog, where there is the mafia hideous. With your shooting skills, protect the village and give them the best!

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