Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)


What is the world of the Western cowboy, full of romance or violence? Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy, riding on horseback roaming wilderness and desert? Fierce gun battles with bandits and wild pubs, … Helio’s publisher, allowing players to experience the stimulating experiences of cowboy life. Westland Survival: The ultimate game.


In the wilderness of the United States, in the grasslands and in the sandy and sunny desert, there are dozens of outlaws, notorious criminals and bounty hunters, smugglers, … all of them live without the law, but they themselves set their own laws. Even the police here have to rely on the law of these people, such as issuing warrants with different bonuses, …

Your character lives in a group of traders in this land. And unfortunately, in a cargo ship, the crew was attacked by a bandit. He is the one left behind and also the only survivor. The hatred and anger made him swear to kill them, but how could this be done? You are the key to help your character achieve his or her aspirations.

Be a survivor in the Wild West

When you join the game, you will become the protagonist of the story. Initially, you are at level 1, weak and without defense. The first thing you need to do is build a base for yourself. You have to cut wood, collect seeds, and build houses and stuff while planting trees on the wasteland of the West. Then you have to hunt for food and sell them some money, like hunting deer, rabbits, etc. Also, you have to hunt for minerals to make materials, new weapons. Each time you complete a mission, you will receive rewards to help you maintain your normal life.

However, just a normal life cannot express the wildness of a cowboy, the construction of the base and the domestication of wild animals like horses is only the first step for you to build the real. Strength and power for yourself. Large payday advances are your prime target. You will be riding your horse all over the West, carrying your latest pistol or rifle, and looking for the wanted ones. Assassinate them, or challenge them in a classic battle between cowboys. Who faster than that person is the winner? It’s time to prove the power of your weapon as well as your sorcerous fighting skills. Hundreds of quests are waiting for you, stopping robberies, dealing with the Native Americans, or fighting in the Pixas, … survive and fill your pocket money.

True graphics

The game has incredibly realistic 3D graphics, with brown coloring leading up to the grasslands and wilderness deserts of the American West. The characters are designed to be extremely similar to real people. The weapon system is also described in detail or the smallest parts. All aim to give players the best possible experience.

With new content and interesting gameplay, Westland Survival promises to give players a relaxing and challenging moment. Becoming a western guy, a dashing, beloved, no less brave and brave; Successfully executing impossible missions and becoming the hero of the land of the West, created his own rules. You are the law!

MOD Info?

– Free crafting (crafting is possible even if you don’t have enough materials);
– Infinite durability of objects;
– You can share single objects;
– You can buy items in the store for gold, even if there is not enough;
– All drawings are unlocked;
– All recipes are available for crafting, even those that are not bought (regardless of the character level);
– Some VIP options are open;
– Instant receipt of free items in the store (without viewing ads, except for drawings);
– MENU MOD with choices:

  • The division of objects increases their number;
  • Instant walking on a global map (events do not appear without a waste of energy);
  • Immortality;
  • High damage;
  • Fast walk;
  • Everyone except the player stands still.
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13 thoughts on “Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)

  1. This isnt a modded version ;(

  2. Is this really a nodded version answer me please I just wanna get the stable built and that’s it

  3. Dow load link?

  4. Best juga

  5. The reason mod apk is boring cause the split bottom just double everything (it’s ridiculous), whatever you eat you gets 100% ok again and the food never ends??? Free crafting is ok, lvl up fast is ok, but make it as a mod game for a 4y.o boy to play is too much! BORING. Do some GOOD and WORTHY mod to play, pls!

    • Bro, shut up. Do you know how hard these people work on modifying these apps for you to play? You sound so ungrateful, if it’s boring don’t play the damn game but don’t crap on the people who worked hard to make this for you with easy access.

  6. how to play and isntall ?

  7. Last I played it was a modded version, make sure you are placing obd file in correct place and as for stable parts, you have to find them in various places like hideouts. Not all parts can be crafted

  8. Obb file not found. Thank you

  9. It’s says maintenance after logo show up on screen and tell me to quit the game . Can someone help me ?

  10. nice game, its working
    keep up the good work.

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