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Are you a business lover? Want to build your own world that you are free to own? What better way to take control of a town or even a city, all the buildings from a bar, hospital or restaurant …and its business. are within their power. What is the feeling of having that kind of power? Why not try Westworld, a game produced by Warner Bros. And will you be satisfied with your love of money and power when you become a mayor? Come to Westworld to realize the dream of building your own town!

Have you seen WestWorld tv show yet?

The place you own is a small town in the wilderness. And when you’re new to the game, everything you have on the ground is just an extraordinarily Western-style bar in the middle of the highlands. Around the bar are empty lands and your task is to make money from the bar to start building a small town full of amenities in their own style. Do not just look at the ground, but in the underground is an underground system that manages all the buildings and works on the ground. First, the underground works consisted of only two compartments which functioned to control the entire area of land and structures on it, and secondly, the space for the creation of man-made spaces.

First, you will create a host, then take her to the bar to receive guests – cowboy boys with many confessions. Your host may also be a male, dedicated to beautiful ladies. You will be assigned tasks of this type, and after each mission completed, you will receive a large amount of money. The money you earn can be used to build new buildings on the ground such as banks, hospitals, restaurants, … or open an underground project under the management system underground. You can also upgrade to higher levels to earn more money. Building or upgrading them is also part of your mission, so you will receive a decent amount of money each time. Their activities will also help you earn high profits, you will soon love to see this business!


Game titles have extremely interesting features. With an ultra-modern underground management system, with over 170 underground facilities waiting for you to unlock and explore. After upgrading your base, the artificial intelligence you produce will be much more advanced, and you will be constantly upgrading and developing them to provide better service to your guests. Travellers come to the town via the railroad, and they will decide how much you get when they are satisfied with the service you provide. The open and upgrade feature is an extremely fun feature, giving you the feeling of being a true trader.

Graphics and sound

The game has a cartoon style US-UK style. All characters are very interesting. The scenery is also rich in western mountains, the land is covered in yellow and the town is very green. However, the buildings built will cover the whole wilderness, with bright colours like white, red, … will make your town brighten up the vitality. Extremely modern underground facilities are shown to be very successful with high technology. The sound in the game is also focused as realistically as possible, guaranteed to bring you a very interesting experience.

Sum up

Become a boss behind the scenes, you will be comfortable building an ultra-modern town with all the people here are artificial intelligence. You will earn a lot of money, satisfying business with the possession of a huge property. Are you a management and business fan? Come to Westworld for Android and experience all that!

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