Wrath of Dragon APK (Update v1.0.1138) Mod

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  • December 28, 2017
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Dragons probably became very familiar with our childhood. It is a huge and ferocious mascot. With its subtle scales, the screams that scare people are the epicenter of the stories that adults tell their next generation through ancient tales. Come to Wrath of Dragon, you will experience the brutality, ferocity of this majestic and mysterious animal.

Download Wrath of Dragon APK (Update v1.0.1138) Mod for Android

You will play as a warrior and kill the dragon and with your teammates defeat the great dragons to bring peace to the world. Get to the city center, where the country’s prosperity can be found to make profitable deals, even the special task to deal with the princess dragon for example. Players will face the largest dragons and destroy the most terrible. The team will have characters with certain combat roles. Fighters, users, mice … with various combat modes and other similar related games like Siege War, 1: 1 Heroes War 3, War of Heroes 3, Clan War, and more. During the battle, the characters together destroy the dragon. So when weak, the player can also call for help from his teammates. Combine skills together to finish the fastest and least damaging battle. There are many levels to fight and certain players must kill enough dragons, and complete all assigned quests to gain rewards and leveling up.

The most distinctive feature of the game is the graphics of the big dragons and the warriors in the game. With Wrath of Dragon APK, the image of the large dragons with the right look is designed more care. Besides, the characters are well invested in costumes, weapons, and combat skills varied, rich. At its in-game items provide hundreds of items, fighting weapons so that players can choose for the character.

Only one word can express the anger of the mighty dragons:”fire”, where there is a dragon there is fire. Hot flames burn like burning everything around them. Dragons with terrible powers are gradually invading human life. Be the most talented killers in Wrath of Dragon. Where you show your bravery and your strategy through battles.

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