Yo-Kai Sangokushi Kunitori Wars APK (by Level5) MOD

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  • January 16, 2018
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Perhaps the loyal fans of the anime will know the Yo-Kai series. So I just introduced it to those who do not know. This is one of the most popular series with new content on the world of “Japanese monsters”. Here they are called Yo-Kai and represent the phenomena in human life such as sleepiness, sneeze, sadness … And you are one of the chosen, holding a watch with Yo-Kai visibility.

The main character must try to find the monsters and solve the problems they cause to humans. Recently, game maker Level-5 has released a Yo-Kai Watch game called Yo-Kai Sangokushi Kunitori Wars. This is the perfect combination of Yo-kai Watch with Sangokushi, Yo-kai Sangokushi Kunitori Wars (妖怪 三国 志 国 盗 り ウ ォ ー ズ)!

Based on the famous manga of Japan

This is a traditional strategy game where the gameplay is nothing new, but what attracts gamers is the control of their favorite characters in the movie. Besides, these characters will “cosplay” other characters in a well-known comic series. You will have the opportunity to review the old memories and judge those characters there. Yo-Kai Sangokushi Kunitori Wars is designed with the famous characters of the characters, quite similar to the original manga and anime.

Each time you decide to cast the ultimate skill and the enemy, there will be an eye-catching effect for you. Added to that is the familiar horizontal line style that makes it easy to adjust the army and control during combat. Many lands are in constant state of war, and you have the mission to go there, using your skill to fight. The more peaceful the land, the more power. Do your best to unify Sangoku into a country that you own.

Great graphics

Yo-Kai Sangokushi Kunitori Wars APK a mid-range game with the usual 2D graphics of strategy games. But it still clearly depicts the spirit of the character, not distorting the original anime. Besides, the skill system and power of the character are designed quite closely and balance. After learning and playing familiar, you will not find the boring game that has many goals to strive for.

Download now

If you are interested in anime and manga series, then please download the game to enjoy it. It will make the gamers happy. This is a free game with the recommendation of just mild violence, so the parents are also reassuring your sweeties to satisfy your favorite cartoon characters on TV.

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