Zak Storm Super Pirate APK (Update v1.1.7) Mod Crystals


Zak Storm Super Pirate is an action adventure game from the publisher of Bandai America Inc. The world of pirates is always challenging and mysterious; the sudden attacks are still around you. Join your Super Storm Pirate to experience the most realistic pirate experience!

Download Zak Storm Super Pirate APK (Update v1.1.3) Mod for Android

Zak Storm Super Pirate just released a new version a week ago but has created a great interest of gamers around the world. There are thousands of downloads in recent days and rated as 4.7 stars! It’s too high for an action adventure game. This is due to the unique storyline, attractive features and beautiful graphics of Zak Storm Super Pirate. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this game! Zak Storm is a world dedicated to pirates. You will be exploring the ocean yourself in the direction that you like. Fight with other violent pirates to reestablish the order of the pirate world. Zak Storm Super Pirate cannot be missing the unique treasure, fun for players. Join this game and re-order the seven seas in Skullivar, becoming the king of the pirate world in Zak Storm Super Pirate.

In Zak Storm Super Pirate, you are not only playing the role of a handsome young pirate but also can watch the only TV channel here, Zak Storm TV Show. Watch this channel and find many cool things, then sign in to the app and download cooler mini-games. The booty after each battle is a lot of treasure is lovely; You will be thrilled when you open them. The player’s level will be increased along with the places you explore; the battle has taken place, the treasure is collected. In the battle against the Skullivar enemies, do not forget to collect the chests and all the power. To have the strength to become the king of this sea and people respect you. Zak Storm Super Pirate is free for players, but there are still in-app purchases. If you want to have special strengths, clothing or the most up-to-date weaponry, you can pay to buy them.

Nobody likes an adventure game if it’s not attractive. Zak Storm Super Pirate completely meet this tastes of users, with the latest 3D graphics game to bring a fascinating experience for gamers. Live 3D images, and true-to-life sound effects are an indispensable part of an action-adventure game.
If you liked Zak Storm Super Pirate, download this free game to your phone and experience it. In particular, play this game with your friends and choose your character to see who is the real king of the Skullivar Sea.

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