Zombie Deathmatch (Update v0.0.21) Mod Money

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Zombie Deathmatch is the unique combination of zombie role-playing and horror game. The storyline of Zombie Deathmatch for Android will be in 2036 when the human was developed to the level that can rebuild human body to become stronger, but it is accompanied by genes that transform the body into the zombie has no human-sense. With that new technology, many villains rise up and plan to rule the world and players will “Habit cures habit” in order to free the world from the haunting of bloodthirsty legions.

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Accordingly, Zombie Deathmatch APK brings gamers to a crazy battle between many kinds of unique zombie, in 3 obvious types: Brute, Mauler, and Stalker. Each type has their own strengths/weaknesses and skills, which are completely special skills, mutually exclusive, in a simple but extremely logic “hammer, scissor, paper” rule. The control mechanism in the game was simplest with 2 basic abilities (attack and change character), from 2 abilities players will combine into powerful combos and defeat opponents tough.

Actually, you won’t only spend all the time for a type of zombie but also have to manage a team of zombies to brings the most fight effective. You must pick the zombie type to the battle (max 3 characters), analyze how to counter enemy effectiveness and prevent the loss of the number of the army.
But the most distinctive feature of this game is that allows players to equip their zombie legion many kinds of weapon and collect exp points to upgrade them into powerful zombie fighter. This is the role-playing element that Zombie Deathmatch incorporates into the gameplay, allows gamers to connect with the zombie although they aren’t cute at all.

Zombie Deathmatch APK mod features

  • Unlimited money
  • Select the version
  • Zombie Deathmatch Mod (APK File)
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