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ElfYourself v10.1.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlock) Download

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App Name ElfYourself
Genre Entertainment
Size 122.92MB
Latest Version 10.1.0
MOD Info Premium Unlock
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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There are millions of entertainment apps on Google Play that connect people easily and make parties or holidays even more enjoyable. Even many applications use advanced technology to make things more interesting, creating a new atmosphere between parties. One such app is ElfYourself, which turns everyone into a funny and friendly Elf with simple steps. The application also uses Augmented Reality technology, making everything more vivid and impressive with faces. The Elves of the West have always been famous for being Santa's assistants during the Christmas season. With ElfYourself, users will have the opportunity to experience Christmas with new feels as an elf.


ElfYourself (MOD, Unlocked) *** ElfYourself possesses a friendly interface, like the Elves in Christmas, and possesses a special design with many positive meanings. Besides, users can interact with the interface with many simple actions, such as pinch, tap, twist, etc. At the home page of the application will be a whole set of templates for users to elf themselves, accompanied by millions of themes and categories for them to enjoy searching. Of course, the working interface will become as simple as possible, even interactive for users to freely create funny invitation cards. App features are many and useful; most of them will be for users to Elf themselves so that the interface will be organized and neatly arranged for the best user experience.


ElfYourself (MOD, Unlocked) *** The main function of ElfYourself is to combine all people's faces into existing templates to become friendly invitation cards or banners. Everyone loves Elves when they have adorable outfits and accompanied by innocent actions. Therefore, the feeling of being an Elf is the best at Christmas parties or wanting to send good things to everyone. The face transplant mechanism in the templates is simple; users only need to choose the style of the template, followed by using all the portrait images available in the device. Users can also directly take pictures and then merge them into templates because the application only prioritizes using the user's face for all content.


ElfYourself (MOD, Unlocked) *** During face-stitching in templates, users will be assisted with a variety of convenient tools and features for better accuracy. Before that, the app automatically cuts all human faces from selected documents and is carefully processed by the AI ​​built into the app. Users can even insert up to 5 faces into a template, that will make greeting cards more impressive and fun. While editing, users can resize faces, rotate, change colors, and apply lots of cool features to everyone.


ElfYourself (MOD, Unlocked) *** All of the app's templates are greeting cards, with a special feature that allows the user to match faces, become friendly and lovely Elves. Furthermore, users will be assisted with text tools, allowing them to add words and change fonts easily. That function will make all the templates become true greeting cards. Moreover, users can change the theme of the template, design it themselves, and do a lot of fun with all the available resources. With ElfYourself, creating Christmas-themed greeting cards will be simpler than ever.


ElfYourself (MOD, Unlocked) *** ElfYourself is not simply an app that gathers everyone's face into adorable Elves, but it will be integrated with the famous Augmented Reality technology. That technology uses intelligent and high-performance AI, easily stitching all the animations into the surroundings through the camera. Users can directly record those videos and easily share them widely with friends or family quickly. ElfYourself will also make all Elf-ed users more energetic, making every Christmas scene even more interesting. That feature is also simple to manipulate and use, with simple operations, and users have an AR video with all the lively and lovely Elves.


ElfYourself (MOD, Unlocked) *** During the holidays, sending greeting cards is an important form, as well as giving every family a lot of happiness and blessings. Therefore, the application will have features that allow users to easily share all their content with others, whether through contact, email, friends list, etc. Users can even share directly with anyone via social networks, a feature that is versatile and useful for sociable people. ElfYourself is a great app for important or Christmas ceremonies, its use is to turn everyone into great Santa assistants, while also helping to create a variety of friendly greeting cards. With only simple manipulations with the application, users can easily create attractive and humorous content. Besides, AR technology also makes a great contribution to parties, when every feature or tool is AI-powered for users to enjoy exploring the use of the application.

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Download APK (122.92MB)
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