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Wattpad v10.66.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

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Download APK (57.79MB)
App Name Wattpad
Genre Life
Size 57.79MB
Latest Version 10.66.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Rating 2.7/5 (55 votes)
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Wattpad (MOD, Premium Unlocked) is a place that can turn anyone into an author with impressive stories and make them accessible to more people.
There are always emotional and meaningful stories in the world waiting to be discovered, but people will need smart apps to help them access stories from unknown authors. Wattpad is one of the most suitable applications, as it is considered a library, community, and home for authors, and also a place where novels circulate strongly online. Coming to this application, users can choose to join this huge family, from which they read or share countless new stories every day for free.


Wattpad is a popular reading application used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide, so its interface is constantly evolving to accommodate different types of people. Furthermore, its design is flexible and smooth, which can be extensively customized to suit each person's style. What's more, the app's home page will feature all the new or featured content of the day, and it comes with a simple layout so that every interaction is simple and comfortable. The library and reading interface will give users many options, such as zoom, change the font, background, and many other elements for an absolute reading experience. All elements related to the user's reading experience are always guaranteed, and vivid compare to other reading apps.


Stories are always a source of inspiration or novel journeys for everyone, and through novels, one's imagination and creativity are intensely stimulated. Because of that, the application will regularly update new content daily, even introducing a discovery function for everyone. Thereby, stories of favorite or novel genres for users will be mentioned immediately and help them narrow down the search scope for each different story. Furthermore, most of the stories on this application are free and come from all users worldwide, and they can be saved in a special format so that they can be read anytime, anywhere, conveniently.


Wattpad brings people around the world together through chapters, and at the end of each chapter, there is a comment area where people share their opinions. Moreover, the comment system is simple, but it is easy to organize neat and detailed debates. Users can also quote passages in the story and add emotes to make the comments more humorous and friendly. There are comment areas everywhere in the app, and it's also an effective way for people to connect through reading or exploring novels.


The app will provide people with a personal library where they store all the stories they've read, are reading, and are interested in. All items are also neatly organized, and users can directly bookmark any content while exploring. That flexibility will help people keep track of their reading progress and notify users when there are new chapters for each content. While many stories are one-shots, their appeal also allows users to share stories in a special format widely. Every interaction or command in the personal library is superior and convenient, making reading more popular and loved than ever.


Wattpad is considered the home of many authors worldwide because it also helps users share the stories they've always wanted to tell. Of course, the application will guarantee copyright, so users can enjoy expressing their writing ability to the wide world. It will also have a system that makes it easy for users to convey stories through the built-in text editor or importer. The impressive thing about the text editor is its flexibility and friendliness, and it always synchronizes, whether offline or online, for users to continue working anytime, anywhere. Of course, after the stories are completed, the author can organize them into different categories, but at the same time must comply with the readers to open up new possibilities.


The application has become famous worldwide, and it has come in different versions for all platforms, so it will have a convenient synchronization for users to enjoy anytime, anywhere. In addition, all account data will be linked together so that users can bookmark, read, and edit seamlessly on all other platforms. It is a special ability that novel readers have and helps users relax with whatever content they love or are following. Wattpad promises to always bring users artistic and emotional novel stories from countless authors around the world. It can also help people potentially become famous authors with a text editor or recommendation system. It will always give people a lot of novel potential for reading or composing the stories they imagine to make their name echo through the community.

Download Wattpad (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Download APK (57.79MB)
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mia Oli
Just Updated

simplesmente perfeito

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muito legal

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O aplicativo é maravilhoso. Mas tem muitas propagandas, baixando por aqui não tem nenhuma, o que é perfeito

Just Updated

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