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Gallery v6.28.1 MOD APK (Optimized/Lite) Download

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App Name Gallery
Genre Photography
Size 38.10MB
Latest Version 6.28.1
MOD Info Optimized/Lite
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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Photos, videos, music, and similar media always hold a lot of space in the device's physical memory, especially photography enthusiasts often complain of running out of memory. Because of that, they'll find apps that help them organize memory, organize, and clean up media folders, and expand the device's memory. If you are someone who often has problems organizing photos or videos, then Simple Gallery Pro will be the right application for you. It's an app that replaces the device's default collection and also comes with an advanced set of tweaks, making it stand out from the user's default collection. It also has perfect security functions and will help users have the best user experience in managing media on the device. ihQnQFUgt4GHDXuJDnbrTtIcWpTtP7Y63eR9ZbylrOG4RDXwKor2VOFG2VsFc_g5LQ=w500 (500×889)


Simple Gallery is an application that is trusted in helping users to arrange their photos in the correct order, even helping users to search for photos in a complicated mess easily. It has many reasons to be trusted by millions of users around the world, and the first one is its distinctive interface design. When users first use the application, they will be guided through the basic steps to familiarize themselve7s with the operation and layout of the interface. The user can personalize the main color scheme of the interface, and it will have multiple scrollbars placed around the screen for users to navigate to different categories. Of course, users will also be supported with many attractive and advanced features, only for the best user experience through the interface of Simple Gallery. N-jX1iRmWKnkOjuULJoP9i09Sh-QRStgxcw-pWQJaRbzUyGktH1XON8WTXBRYlWIzbw=w500 (500×889)


The device's default collection contains a lot of things that frustrate and uncomfortable with organizing photos or videos. Therefore, Simple Gallery will become a perfect alternative collection for users. Its core feature is to allow users to freely organize all of their media files, such as move, rename, create folders, albums, and more. With just simple steps, users were able to create separate picture folders, name them, categorize, and even navigate between mess through the interface scrollbar. The application will even have a special search engine, which helps users to find all the necessary data just by entering the date. Furthermore, Simple Gallery has a simple operation mechanism, and users can quickly master it with a few minutes of using the application. 6GcyZPEZAwf2OERadRaPv6sESx-SW5Y9O2b84vbIa4TOV6eRONpUG0QNjslicoxDLJg=w500 (500×889)


The device's default collection will ask users to download additional photo editing software because it doesn't come with a basic photo editor. But Simple Gallery is different, and it comes with a special photo editor, easy to manipulate, and has many advanced features to satisfy users. That photo editor has all that users need, such as editing tools, color-changing features, and a myriad of visual effects for users to explore and experience. Also, it will automatically copy the edited photos so that users can still restore the original easily. Not only photo editing, but Simple Gallery can also edit videos, like crop, cut, copy, and even render with higher image quality. SdjmaoGDsj6pPp_Kp7LUaq2lX4E8EEhvMonsneL_vtfXI-drrpTGXp11G_nXKmsuhg=w500 (500×889)


If the user wants all media data to be safe, Simple Gallery also comes with many useful features for users to protect photos and videos saved on the device. Depending on the available security features of the device, the application will automatically apply to the user's entire collection, such as PIN, drawings, fingerprint, and face ID. Users can personalize and customize security practices, and even sharing photos to social networks will require passwords from users. Furthermore, the app will automatically generate a decoy, a fake collection, made up of countless random photos collected from the Internet if the user is forced to unlock the collection. And, to enable decoy, users only need to enter the pre-installed fake password, thereby tricking people who are forcing users to unlock the collection. VYnWcS--bPI7XOqdCsqB4HfpuFyepgS-8troHGlispYClDngfqGscBxMmT0IGw3dXak=w500 (500×800)


Simple Gallery will automatically upload the videos or photos that the user has deleted to a separate cloud vault, and will automatically delete them all after the limited time by the user. It has a reason to do so, which is to make it easier for users to recover data they accidentally deleted, and at the same time help them free up memory space instead of saving drafts in separate folders. For people who regularly take pictures and videos, freeing up space is always one of the problems they often encounter. However, the device's default collection is not capable of helping the user to optimize the memory effectively. Because of that, Simple Gallery is the best choice for organizing memory, protecting media data, and giving them the best user experience as a photographer.

Download Gallery (MOD, Optimized/Lite)

Download APK (38.10MB)
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