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All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox vv8.3.0 MOD APK (Latest, Pro) Download

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App Name All-In-One Toolbox
Genre Tools
Size 16.31MB
Latest Version v8.3.0
MOD Info Latest, Pro
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The era is now era 4.0, the era of digital and digital technology. In an age when things are growing rapidly, smartphones are the best support tool for users. They allow users to do a lot of things like manage jobs, homes, and expenses ... and many utilities come from it. So today, a phone is something that almost everyone should have, whether adults or children. But if the phone helps you manage your day-to-day tasks, what will manage the things on your phone? The following is the answer to that, would like to introduce to a large user of the application called All-In-One Toolbox.

The must-have toolkit for Android

This will be a great help in managing your phone. You also know that every smartphone battle has a good and smooth running time. This is usually only a few years, but this application also works to optimize the performance of your device to work longer. This application will be of great help to users in managing and extending the time the device can operate smoothly. Not only helps you save time but also save money. You do not have to pay any fee to download it. So what are you waiting for without downloading All-In-One Toolbox to your device yet?


Many of the great features you'll need are all packed into one app

Clean up

When you use your phone to download daily work documents but you only need to use them for a short time, sometimes a day or even just a few hours. But you're too busy with work to delete those things, which inadvertently fills up the device's memory. But with just a few simple steps on the application, you can clean up all the files that you do not use anymore. The application allows you to filter all the things that you have not used for a long time to remove and clean memory. Not only the files are stored in the phone's memory, but also the cache - Cache, applications that have been unused for a long time ...Not only the ability to clean documents stored on the machine, but also It also allows you to delete the search history of websites and other applications.


This feature helps users to increase the speed of the device's performance, by removing applications running in the background to take up RAM space. There are applications even though you have exited the application but it continues to work in the background, causing your Ram memory to be full and slow down the performance of your device. With the high Ram machine, there is no need to talk about, and the device has a RAM capacity of about 512Mb, 1Gb, this will help a lot for the user use process. It also has the ability to optimize the gaming capabilities of the device so that they operate in the most possible way. Most people know that games are heavy tasks and consume a lot of power and battery. So thanks to the help of the application, the player will have great gaming experience.


Imagine if you lend your phone to someone and your device stores lots of things you don't want others to know. Even if it is in the hands of a curious person or a competitor, it is even more dangerous. This application allows you to prevent these threats by allowing you to set a password to activate the application or even a fingerprint or Face ID if your device is supported. This helps increase the security of your device to ensure your safety.

File & Application Management

If your device has too many things inside, it will become cluttered and much harder to use. But don't worry, there's "All-In-One Toolbox" available for you. The feature allows users to create a list of all the applications installed on your device so you can customize them. Here are some things you can do with this feature. Batch Install - allows the user to scan all APK files you have downloaded at once, so you can choose to install or install one at all. Batch Uninstall - User can select which applications in the list are not needed to delete at the same time. App2Sd - As the name implies, users are allowed to move applications that cannot be installed on the SD card to the SD card ... And there are many other great capabilities that will help you. Included Tools: If you download this app, those features mentioned above also have a lot of tools included such as Flashlight for lighting, QR CODE Scan & Barcode ... A lot of tools Supporting tools for other users are included in the promotion.


When you delete a file or an application, you will be able to backup them, in case of an emergency. Or when you accidentally delete important things, also need to worry because you can recover them.

PRO Features

This is considered an upgrade of this application that users have to pay a small amount to be able to use. When upgrading the Pro version, the application will remove all the ads added inside the application. Open more new Themes to make your application look more interesting and interesting. Pro version can also be shared with 2 other devices, you can share with others in your family with just 1 purchase.


The interface of All-In-One Toolbox is designed in 2 main colors: blue and white, very easy to see and not too prominent. The application will be divided into 3 main tabs, the 3 main tabs will have other subcategories. The first tab will be the "Home" tab, which displays the maximum capacity of Ram and is located in the middle of the screen. Rom capacity status and CPU temperature will be right below but have been smaller. If you scroll down, you'll see all the features of the application are summarized in this tab, such as Clean, Boost, File Management ... Right next to it will be the "Tools" Tab, here There will be tools that are bundled with the application and arranged in each category with different functions. Such as "Useful Shortcut", "Space Saver", "Speed" ... The final tab will be an extension tab, this will have the capabilities that you must own Pro upgrade to use. The interface of the application is very simple and easy to use, users can quickly get used to the application's usage in a short time. This is a great application and also a great tool for users to manage their phones. Apps save you a lot of time and money by remembering to extend the life of your device. So what are you waiting for without downloading "All-In-One Toolbox" immediately?

Download All-In-One Toolbox (MOD, Latest, Pro)

Download APK (16.31MB)
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