Duskwood (MOD, Unlimited Credits/Unlocked)

  • Hao MinaMino
  • March 3, 2020
  • RPG
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  • Publisher:
  • Version: 1.3.6
  • Category: RPG
  • Size: 144M
  • Update: March 10, 2020 at 1:21 am
  • Available at: Google Play

In Duskwood, the player will transform into an investigator, and his job is to investigate recent murders. Moreover, players also have to search for clues and arrest mass murderers who are raging outside. Duskwood is built like a large puzzle system for players to explore and decode. Players will have to constantly move between many different locations related to murder cases that the player has discovered. At each crime scene, players will find important clues. And these clues will lead the player to various locations related to the victim’s family.

After the player knows the victim’s information, they can proceed to search for other clues at many different locations — for example, the victim’s home or visiting relatives of the victim. There are many things that players can look for. After finding these clues, they can conduct a detailed analysis of it. Each evidence will link together and produce the final result, based on the conclusion that the player will continue the path of finding other clues.

As I said at the beginning, it is up to the player to search for the murderer with every clue they find. Then proceed to analyze and decode the evidence found, even in some cases the player will contact the murderer directly but let him escape. If the player wants to face the murderer and drag him to the light, he must outsmart him in many different ways. At the same time, continually anticipating his next moves and taking the lead before it was too late. The killer is brilliant and always erases all traces after committing a crime. But that does not mean he will hide forever, and the clues confirm that those players have found from the victims.

After the player has collected clues and successfully analyzed them, the results will be displayed on the bulletin board. The relevant clues will be connected and evaluated as the player’s progress. And of course this is just a simulation game, so there will be some special rewards for players when they successfully decipher a clue.


Attractive GamePlay

While players solve puzzles, they will be experiencing unique storytelling accompanying scary images. Not only that, the video calls inside this game will happen suddenly if the player accidentally activates its operating mechanism. There are many things inside this game that will work together and make “Duskwood” one of the most powerful games. Ensure players get the most authentic experience with the work of an investigator.


The work of the investigator that the player incarnates will become the main plot of this game. Players conducting clues analysis and decoding will be similar to the experience of plot experience. Players will understand the reason and motivation of the killer after deciphering the clues and finding the truth. There are many hidden things in this game. If resolved in the usual way, the player will have to a standstill. The player must become a murderer, have a way of thinking like him, predict the next move and catch him at the next scene.

MOD Info?

– Unlock premium
– MENU MOD with choices:

  • Buy for free even if you don’t have enough money
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