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Beat The Boss 4

Beat The Boss 4 v1.7.6 MOD APK (1.7.5 / Mod: Unlimited money, coins) Download

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App Name Beat The Boss 4
Genre Action
Size 148.79MB
Latest Version 1.7.6
MOD Info 1.7.5 / Mod: Unlimited money, coins
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Rating 4.4/5 (7 votes)
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The daily lives of workers are sometimes difficult, but the biggest pressure is still facing angry bosses. Confrontation with the boss has led to many reluctant cases, and even many people lost their jobs because of their attitude towards the boss. But many game developers have taken that as a premise to develop the game, entertaining players, reducing stress, by beating bosses with many different weapons. One of them is Beat the Boss 4, a delightful game, simulating many things to help players reduce stress by beating the boss. Players can use a variety of creative ways to teach the boss a lesson, and the game uses simple graphics and funny sounds to make the game reduce violence. If you are a person often pressured by your bosses, then this game will help you entertain and reduce stress effectively.

Smack Your Boss, Be the Champion of the office

Beat Your Boss 4 is now back with many new weapons, content, and challenges to entertain players during fights with the boss. The game will allow players to beat their bosses the way they want, such as using weapons or hand-to-hand, whatever the player wants. Of course, their bosses will not stand still and be a dummy, but they will put up a fight fiercely to bring players the feeling of refreshment and fun. Players will have to go through countless different challenges, and each will be a new location, a new environment, and many new weapons for players to use. The game will also emphasize the creative element of the player, and they must create many opportunities to beat their bosses using weapons, environment, and combinations. The more bosses beaten, the higher the score, and will unlock new things to increase the level of entertainment of the game.

Release Your Imagination, beat the boss as hard as you can

The game's rating system will be based on the level of damage the player causes to the boss, and the higher the damage, the greater the entertainment level, as well as more attractive rewards. Players will have access to a huge arsenal, and that arsenal will continuously be changing in each challenge of the game. Weapons range from melee to ranged weapons, and players can use them to destroy bosses in desperate combat and make them understand the wrath of the employee. Besides, to make the game more interesting, players can combine many weapons, up to a maximum of three weapons can be combined. The combined weapons will have new uses, new effects to entertain players. The variety of weapons and the combination of each variant is a feature of this game, where players can create many weapons with simple actions.

Get beaten by the boss

Beat Your Boss 4 will now come with a new feature that doesn't appear in previous games, that is, allowing players to become bosses and beat their employees. The position had changed when the attacker being attacked by various weapons. In this mode, players can take on multiple employees at once, and the higher the employee's stress level, the more they will start to fight with weapons. The game was inherently entertaining and humorous in getting players to beat their bosses, but now it would be more enjoyable as the position changed.

Customize Your Boss

The boss of the player can be customized as appearance, gender, outfit, and personality. That allows players to create the person they hate the most through casual outfits, thus helping players deal with stress more effectively. Character customization also applies to employees, and players can customize multiple characters at once and quickly switch between models. The exciting thing is that the customized characters will evolve, making it angrier, and easier to mess with players. All kinds of bosses often seen, whether it is an office or a commercial center will be added to the game, helping to satisfy many players with each unique style.

Level Up Your Stats

Players will receive countless rewards through beating bosses, and players can use those rewards to upgrade the destruction and the boss's resistance. The more points the system upgrades, the more bosses and employee members become stronger and can counteract players with their weapons. If you are looking for an extremely entertaining game and simulate the bosses, Beat Your Boss 4 will be a perfect choice when it has the necessary elements to satisfied players.

Download Beat The Boss 4 (MOD, 1.7.5 / Mod: Unlimited money, coins)

Download APK (148.79MB)
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