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Into the Dead 2 v1.64.1 MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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Into the Dead 2
App Name Into the Dead 2
Genre Action
Size 76.92MB
Latest Version 1.64.1
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 2.6/5 (43 votes)
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Into the Dead 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Ammo/VIP) is a zombie action game with unique gameplay and a story full of tragedy, emotion, and hope.
The experience of traversing a world full of monsters is presented in a delightful way in Into the Dead 2 through unique gameplay. Instead of going to be the one to hunt for zombies, you will try to cross a path full of scary things to complete the level. In addition, the game also owns an impressive system of game screens and is about to be refreshed. Don't miss the remarkable weapons available in the game and the new flamethrower coming soon.


The story of Into the Dead 2 begins when our protagonist is driving on the road, but there are not many lights and street lights. So he has a limited vision during his driving, which is also a factor in the accident. Specifically, he had to avoid a car, and in the meantime, he hit a human and lost control of the vehicle, causing the truck to fall. When he regained his senses, he realized that the person he had just stabbed was a zombie and that many other zombies were approaching him. In the night, players will feel the horror that this game can bring. The zombies always have a bizarre appearance, and they try to approach you. But the fortunate thing is that the character managed to run away when he was grabbed by a zombie a few seconds before. He begins his journey to race against death by crossing a road full of zombies with a pistol and cartridges appearing on the road.


When you experience Into the Dead 2, players will quickly get used to its mechanics and try to complete the first level. It can be viewed as a tutorial level where you move on a path and try to dodge zombies that are always trying to cling to you. At the same time, if it appears in front of your eyes, you need to use the gun and knock it down immediately. In addition, you only have a certain amount of ammo that you will need to consider to operate appropriately. This game only focuses on two main factors that are moving and attacking. The character will automatically run, and your job is to navigate him to dodge zombies when there are specific gaps. At the same time, when going to areas with barbed wire, the character will automatically jump over without pressing the button. So the experience is almost like the obstacle games when you try to reach the road end with all your skills and not let any zombies touch. Unlike touching zombies at the beginning of the game, the touches in each run have the same consequence: you will be caught by them and become their dinner. So, the only way to overcome this is to choose a solution like finding a way to avoid them because they will not chase you right after. At the same time, killing enemies is also supported when there will be many boxes with a characteristic green color to attract players and help them pick up bullets correctly.


You will find a distance in each level that you need to run to complete the level, and it is on the left side of the screen. At the same time, when it turns red, you will know you are nearing the completion of the level. In addition, each level will have a specific challenge that you will need to overcome in addition to confronting the enemy. These challenges appear before you in the form of tasks that you will need to complete. These tasks are wholly varied, and you will take the time to complete them. At the same time, after you complete a level, you will receive the right to choose a bag with awe-inspiring items. It can be pieces of a gun and an amount of money in the game. Also, during the game, you will spend time completing missions to help you gain some points and get closer to an unexpected reward.


When it comes to killing zombies, the only option that anyone will notice in this game is a weapon. This game gives you many different types of guns, and the elemental weapon you get is a pistol. At the same time, as you go through many different levels, you will collect pieces of a specific gun and craft them. So that's the key for you to be able to experience many kinds of weapons. In Into the Dead 2, guns are entirely diverse, and upgrading them is always a challenge for players. Finding the pieces of a gun is considered essential in this game because you want to have a gun or upgrade it; you need to have the parts involved. In other words, you will find a certain amount of parts to increase the weapon's power and make it easier for you to confront the enemy.

Download Into the Dead 2 (MOD, Unlimited money)

Download APK (76.92MB)
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