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Zombie City

Zombie City v3.1.0 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

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App Name Zombie City
Genre Action
Size 60.09MB
Latest Version 3.1.0
MOD Info Unlocked
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Rating 4.7/5 (3 votes)
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Today, I will bring you a game that will bring exactly that feeling, that is, the game Zombie City: Survival, developed by JoyMore GAME. This is a developer who has released several zombie-themed titles before, such as Zombie Sniper: Evil Hunter, Death Invasion: Survival. When you come to this game, the player will experience a lot of eye-catching action scenes, attractive chases. Players will be involved in fierce battles to scramble for their own lives.


The invasion of zombies is currently destroying the world, and the human race is on the brink of extinction. All human skin is infected with a virus; they have turned people into disgusting zombies. There are very few people who can survive in the world now, and players will be playing a survivor in a city flooded by zombies. The player will have to fight to be able to escape the city covered by this zombie. The towns were previously populated, so the number of zombies here would be far higher than elsewhere, making things difficult. So can players break through the siege of zombies to get a way of life?


The task of the player in this game is straightforward, that is to fight and survive in a city filled with zombies. But that will not be possible simply because if you want to survive, the player will need a lot of different factors such as food, water, weapons ... All of the summaries will bring a high ability for players to survive, missing anything, the player will quickly lose. To be able to find these things, the player will have to go to the previous human shop to search for them, but now have been covered with zombies, so be careful. In the game, there is an essential element that is DNA, and players need to ensure their DNA stays stable so as not to be turned into zombies. The player's DNA will continuously decrease, and until a certain level, the character will not be able to stand it anymore and will have to die. So, in addition to necessities such as food and water, things to supplement the character's DNA are also indispensable in the game. If the player wants to be more convenient in the fight, please know how to take advantage of his surroundings. When a player encounters a large number of attacks, to be able to deal with massive area damage, players should shoot at the surrounding gasoline tanks to create a gigantic explosion. The explosion will help the player kill many zombies surrounded him.


Diverse Weapons

In this game, players will be provided with a variety of weapons so that players can fight zombies. Popular weapons such as M16, K2, AK 47 assault rifles ... are the guns that many players prefer because of their speed and convenience. Also, there are many weapons in the sniper genre for players to use during times when they want to destroy enemies at a long distance, like the K98.

Search for the Survivor

In this world, you are not the only survivor, but there are some others, looking for them to be able to form an alliance and support each other in battle. It won't be hard to search for them, because they're also trying to survive, so they'll be out looking for other necessities too.


Zombie City: Survival is a game with 3D graphics format, this is a format commonly found in today's games, giving players the feeling of true and vivid. Colors in the game are made in a dark, horror style that a zombie-themed game should have for players to experience. Zombie City: Survival is an excellent game for players who want to have exciting and thrilling survival experiences.

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